I Cut My Own Hair Again Today

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Thread: I Cut My Own Hair Again Today

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    I am so old now - my hair hardly grows much any more!!! On top anyways is all but sunbaked plateau - and the sides and back - well, it falls out fast enough that it does not get longer than a seeming self-limiting length.

    I do I know have that wild ''absent-minded professor'' look - somewhat dishevilled etc - but - if it helps scare the BG's, so much the better LOL

    Hey QK - I ain't letting my brain cell get sucked into no vacuum device, for anyone!
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    You should have gone to a more expensive barber and you could have saved a lot more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Euclidean
    A little off topic, but whatever happened to good old fashioned barber shops?
    This is where I go to get my haircuts:

    This barber shop has been in operation since 1909...great old wood paneling, local (read: Denver Bronco ) sports memorabilia and stuffed animals on the wall...even a "cartridge board" with a bunch of different size cartridges.
    Lots of old geezers sitting around chewing the fat, and, lots of magazines including Playboy (lots of good articles to read in there )...yes, they have a subscription to Playboy magazine! Sure beats the plastic/chrome mall "salon". And, they actually encourage cigar smoking while you wait!

    Oh, um, Betty....judging from the look on that kitty's face, I sure hope he's been de-clawed
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    Thanks Team


    BTW That is the ugliest cat that I have ever seen in my life.
    What did you DO to that cat?
    I can't even say what I want to say about that cat...if you know what I mean. :rofl

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    That hair-sucking-cutting gizmo looks like the one my son has, works ok I guess. I cut my own hair and don't care about family comments which can be kinda crude at times. A barber shop down the street charges about $8.00, most others charge around $24 or so. I don't go to barbers, don't like them at all.
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    Cutting Your Own Hair.
    That's what I like to hear.
    Let them make comments I say.
    If you can do a respectable job of it...then why not?

    My wifes hair stylist really gave me a verbal laughing & thrashing after (of course) my wife had to mention to him that I cut my own hair with a FlowBee.
    I was sitting in a chair at Phillip Pelusi waiting while she was spending $70.00 to get HER hair done.

    I heard..."Haaaaa Haaaa Haaaaaaaa Ha...He cuts his hair...with a FLOWBEE???????"

    I asked him if they had a vacuum cleaner there & I offered to cut his hair.

    He turned me down but, I could have done a much nicer job on him than that mop that he had sitting on top of his head.

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    I DO get tired enough of seeing different "haircutters" every time I go to get mine cut (at the same place) but I think I will pass on the FlowBee or actually cutting my own hair. My wife does clip the dog a couple of times a year, but I stay away from her when she's doing it....
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