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We need better gov'mint funded health care

This is a discussion on We need better gov'mint funded health care within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I often hear people say something about "We didn't have all these health problems when I was young". I usually reply "Yep, most people died ...

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Thread: We need better gov'mint funded health care

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    I often hear people say something about "We didn't have all these health problems when I was young". I usually reply "Yep, most people died before they ever had a chance to develop them". Health care costs have risen faster than probably anthing else other than CEO salaries but our determination to substain life now in incredible. In 1958 my 6 year-old cousin was killed by falling on a broken jar and cutting her throat. I still think about her often but the most tragic thing is that with today's medicine it would probably been only a minor injury. The rising medical costs have contributed to great advances in life saving techniques and the extension of life beyond anything we could imagine back in the 50's. But with all of this we have too many people who run to the doctor with every little ache or pain and expect perfection and immediate results from them. This leads to unrealistic expectations, lawsuits and costs that do nothing more that protect teh doctor or hospital from lawsuits.

    You go to a doctor or dentist now and look at all of the forms, protection, tests, rubber gloves, disposable equipment etc. that is being used. A large part of the expenses are nothing more than CYA by the doctors. And when someone walks in and says I don't feel good then the costs skyrocket in everything that is required to find out why they don't feel good. Universal health care isn't going to lower these costs and can we extend the same level of coverage to everyone.

    Consider this, your relative (fatther, mother, child) is on life support and no chance of recovery. Does cost figure in when deciding to pull the plug (lack of a more PC term). I don't know for sure but from those I have heard talk about it in the profession is that those who are not covered by insurance are those who are most determined to keep rheir loved ones alive the longest. As long as they are either covered by medicare or no coverage at all they want to hang on as long as possible. Those who have insurance are the ones most likely to decide to end it. There are many reasons for this but cost does not really seem to be a factor.

    Just my rant and thoughts.

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    Get rid of Welfare and you can afford Healthcare.

    I know I mentioned the big W word...so be it.
    Some people don't deserve saving.

    ....the water is almost at a boil

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    Consider this, your relative (fatther, mother, child) is on life support and no chance of recovery. Does cost figure in when deciding to pull the plug (lack of a more PC term)..
    It should. There is a tremendous amount of money spent caring for people in the latter stages of life. A favored aunt of my wife spend the last 3 years of her life in a nursing home in FL after suffering a stroke. She was in her late 70's when she first had the stroke and spent 3 years deteriorating by herself. We visited a few times when we went to FL but for the most part there was no one else to visit her. I don't know how much it cost but she paid for her care for quite awhile before her estate ran out. Of course, the nursing home did everything possible to extend her life.

    I'm of the opinion that we value extending life too much. People need to be allowed and encouraged to make end of life decisions that are followed and won't leave hospitals and doctor's liable. I've told my Doctor and family that if I get to that stage just shoot me, toss me in my BBQ pit, and fire it up as hot as it can get for a couple of days. Then hose it out and sell it.

    I'm not saying we should just kill people but we should certainly allow people to die with dignity, respect that choice, and accept it as a society.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELCruisr View Post
    Self Defense, in response to your post I'll say this and then I'm out of this thread. I'm not holding a gun to your head demanding your help. However at some point all of society suffers with a system that denies needed care to it's working and tax paying citizens.
    First, ElCruisr, my comment about holding a gun to my head is a metaphor for being forced to pay taxes for a government program [that is not mandated by the Constitution.] The system doesn't deny anyone care...IF you pay for it. In fact, our society doesn't deny care to anyone for any reason. Got a problem? Go to an emergency room. No one is denied care.

    Yes, it is in society's interest to keep our people healthy. But it is absolutely no a Federal government issue. At best, it is a states issue if the voters want to pool their resources to help the indigent. Personally, I prefer the 'good old days' though I never lived them. Where communities, friends, and families looked after thier own. Private insurance mtigates risk and everyone has an opportunity to gamble if they feel unlucky.

    I am fortunate. I do have employer subsidized insurance as a condition of my employment. That was not always the case. Rather than buying insurance I put away money every month just in case I needed to see a doctor.

    Do you think you could afford $60,000 a year for a med that might help your wife? I can't. If I divorce her and abandon her the govt. will give her everything but not as long as I'm married to her and still trying to make it. Do you see a problem her? I do.
    Yes, I see a problem. The fact that your marital status compels the government to give away my money for your wife's heath care. If it cost me $1,000,000 dollars to help my wife I would do everything in my power to acquire it. However, I would not expect or demand others to contribute to my problem.

    You say in some countries people are dieing waiting for med appointments? You think that doesn't happen here? I don't have the space or the time to tell you of the nightmares I've PERSONALLY witnessed in our system here that have resulted in death or long term suffering as a DIRECT result of how our system is not working.
    Sure, our system is not perfect. It is the best in the world with the best doctors, the best technology and the best drugs.

    You think our system is the best? Hmmmm, I know of a Cardiac surgeon who got treatment for his own heart problem at a hospital in Brazil. Why? Because the level of care and treatment was better there. The same equipment, a doctor trained at the finest institutions and a nurse/patient ratio that no US hospital can come close to. He also stated that there, people actually really cared, personally and proffesionaly about their patients care and well being at a level he has never seen here.
    The touchy feely stuff is nice but the best schools, the best hosptals and the best doctors are in the United States.

    I know, personally, of many others who go overseas for health care not because it's just cheaper but because it is often better. Not sub par. We are not talking about running to a Tijuana clinic for some cheap meds. I'm talking about cancer treatment, spinal surgery, heart surgery and other major procedures. These are not seniors on a fixed income looking to save money but well educated and travelled people worried about getting the best care they can.
    Can you prvide names of nations and hospitals that have better doctors and better resources than those in the United States? I think your claim is wishful thinking and yur frustration over the insurance that unfortunately runs our health care. Our medical system is second to none.

    I'm not saying the socialized medicine model is the right answer is the best answer but I do know that a pure profit oriented system, dogged by lawyers, inflated by corruption and greed, justified by lobbyists and PR campaigns is not working well unless you have plenty of expensive insurance and extra cash to boot.
    I agree with the corruption, lawyers and lobbyists. Big problem. But the profit oriented system is absolutely the BEST way to conduct any business, including health care and medicine. And even insurance.

    I'm willing to pay my way but I challenge you to watch one of your loved ones slowly lose everything in their health and be REFUSED care because you can't pay in advance and can't even get insurance and tell me how wonderful our system is. I'm out of here......
    As I said I feel really bad for your situation and if you suggested a private fund I would likely contribute. I expect others here would, also. But to expect you have a right to health care without payment (meaning I am FORCED to pay) goes against everything I believe.

    Sincerely, best of luck to you and your wife.

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