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Other forums and deja vu

This is a discussion on Other forums and deja vu within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I have a very small forum. There have been a few occasions where I have copied something. When I do I always put in a ...

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Thread: Other forums and deja vu

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    I have a very small forum. There have been a few occasions where I have copied something. When I do I always put in a disclaimer stating that it was copied and a link to the original on DC.

    My forum is not firearms based but there is a firearms section. I encourage people to come here for firearms discussion.

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    I'm probably guilty of making the same posts on other sites occasionally. The way I look at it is trying to gather as much info, or get as much info out, as possible. As an example, if your after a fugitive do you post a wanted poster only at the post office in the neighborhood of the crime? You would place one at all post offices in order to get a wider information base. As for some off topic posts, it's just humor to me.

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    As I see it, we're really talking about two different things. 1. Copying someone else's post and re-posting on multiple boards (I would consider this a No-No unless credit is given to the original post) and 2. Copying your OWN post and putting it on multiple boards.

    I only read two boards on a consistent basis. This one and KSCCW. If I'm posting a response to a thread, the answer is most likely relevant only to that board. However, If I'm asking a question or posting an information thread such as a range report, I'll usually copy my original post (from whichever board I post to first) and re-post on the other board. I really see no need to type two totally different posts relaying the same information but I post on both boards as they may have totally different readers. While I have a fair amount of free time, I know a lot of folks may only have enough time to read one board with any consistency so why limit the information given or received to one board.

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    I'm active on three boards, all related to guns and gun-related self defense. If it's my original post, often I'll duplicate it on all three for maximum coverage. I figure if the few others like me see a duplicate, they'll just pass it by.
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    I will copy a good quote or article from one forum to another where it is relevent, but always I will inform people that I just copied it from elsewhere.

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    I put my posts on multiple forums in order to inform more people and/or receive more responses.

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    Because of this thread, I decided to do a search on my posts, edit them a little and post them to my blog...It will take some time, but since you guys have helped shape my ideas and refine my arguments, I think that spreading the ideas and debates that are here could go a long way in less 'gun friendly' audiences.

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    I am a forum owner, it is not as big as DC and I hope it never does get this big.

    For some people it is not always about content. Some people for what ever their reasons might not want to be part of a big board, it can be intimidating. You make a innocent wrong comment and twenty people come back and tell you that you are wrong. That can really traumatize a newbie.

    Some don't think they will fit in or are shy and browse around to the smaller boards until they find somewhere they do fit in.

    So they go to the smaller boards and get their feet wet and sooner or later will make their way to the big boards.

    As far as content, only so much is happening in the world when it comes to firearms. It's not like there is a lot of content to be found. Most will be personal experience or hear say from other forums. I have been known to copy a post or two on occasion if the content tells a worth while story. If it is a learning experience or helps educate others and I would have no problem if someone copied one of my messages for the same reason. I give credit where it is due and would hope for the same in return.

    The good forums will continue to be visited and the one's not so good will disappear over time.

    I am not here to ruffle feathers or anything like that. We all are on the same side. We all want to protect the second amendment and the more people that we educate the better off we all are.

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