How come ?

How come ?

This is a discussion on How come ? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; How come you never hear of mass shootings at a police station,a gunshow,a gun range,a gun store ? you only hear of them where the ...

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Thread: How come ?

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    How come ?

    How come you never hear of mass shootings at a police station,a gunshow,a gun range,a gun store ?
    you only hear of them where the law abiding people are barred from having any protection ? sj

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    "Wise people learn when they can; fools learn when they must." - The Duke of Wellington

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    There ARE numerous examples of shootings in police stations, and I remember reading about ONE shooting at a range in Florida within the last year or so.

    Nothing at gun shows yet, as far as I know.

    I CONSTANTLY raise this question in debates with antis (leaving out the police station part, of course).

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    I would think it is a SUICIDE by police action... It is not easy to take a life, especially your own. Psychology majors speak up... it is easy to go into a situation that will guarantee you get DEAD... The mass shooters that enter a NO GUN ZONE are looking to be sensationalized on the news, gotta love our media.

    Just my thoughts...
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    I work in the Mental Health field. Suicide by cop is a known issue, but of the suicide cases I have been involved in (well more than a dozen) I have never seen it.
    Most people who are truly suicidal do it in a manner where they cannot be caught at it, and therefore cant be stopped.
    Suicide by cop puts the suicidal person in a position where their suicide may not be successfully, which raises questions as to their true motive.
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    Sergeant Mac, I believe the key word was"MASS" shootings. Oh there are a few shooting at a police station each year, but I have never heard of a outside shooter shooting more that two officers that I can remember.

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    You mean like this? I bet it happens all the time.
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    D.C. police headquarters about ten years ago. Fairfax County Va. police Suddley station about two years ago.
    D.C. was inside the building Fairfax they were able to kill the shooter in the parking lot after he fatally wounded two officers. Those are the only ones I remember off the top of my head.
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    Not a mass shooting, but.......

    Being 'heck-bent' on suicide, a police station is a place to "get the help" because "your" too chicken to do it yourself.
    No, if some idiot-animal was planning a 'mass shooting' chances are an NRA convention, gun range, or police station wouldn't be high on his list of places to consider.

    I dislike even thinking about those O2 thieves.

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    While not MASS, and an accident. 2 yrs ago somebody shot another guy with a shotgun at a gun show here in OK.....I know I know, not what you were asking.
    God Bless America!!

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