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This is a discussion on Gas Prices! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by G&G My trip to the range is 20 miles one way so that's a 40 mile round trip. That's about 8 to ...

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Thread: Gas Prices!

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    Quote Originally Posted by G&G View Post
    My trip to the range is 20 miles one way so that's a 40 mile round trip. That's about 8 to 9 dollars in gas plus a $1.75 bridge toll that's about to go up soon. Do that for 4 weeks a month and it's about $40 for the month.

    I still plan on shooting and reloading. I'm just staying closer to home now.

    It all adds up
    heh...I shoot out back now.. Can't afford range trips at all anymore. My normal work week trips are out there. I do about 50 miles EACH WAY per day(about 100 miles round trip) with around $35 per week in tolls... It's a trade off in the route...Time vs money. The $35 in tolls a week saves me around 45 minutes on my morning and afternoon commutes daily. And I refill my tank about every 3-4 days at about $40 per fillup. On average it takes me anywhere between 1.5 - 2 hours to go 50 miles (gotta love traffic).

    So lets see...what's my total cost per week driving (not counting grocery trips and other misc stuff): Roughly $300 per month on fillups + Roughly $140 per month on tolls...= EEGADS! $440..ish per month in driving.
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    3.15 a gal for gas 16.95 for WWB 9mm at Wal-Mart...damn these range trips are getting expensive.

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    It's not going to get better.

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    I fill up my RSX only once a month at $ 30.00 a pop.
    I drive as little as possible, but work, and grocery (walk to church), is only a few miles (less than 3) away, but the range is 40 (round trip), so I go to the range roughly every other month.

    My mom says that 'people have the money to do what they want' - it's a matter of priorities. I love movies and use to average 40+ a year since 1987, but now that they're $ 8.25 here, I've cut waay back so that I can shoot more.

    Everyone sacrifices and cuts back where they can to keep doing what they want.
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    This is one of those things where our society seems unsustainable to me. I think living in small towns with farms surrounding makes sense. You can walk down to the general store, the farm doesn't need to feed a hundred thousand - just a couple hundred. Maybe if we switched over to communism....

    Just kidding about that. But seriously - was man meant to drive everywhere? I do it too - this is where I live - but it doesn't "seem" like the best way to do things. Once the banks foreclose on everybody they can build cheap high rise apartments surrounded by factories, and have bars and malls all around to keep everyone satisfied with the status quo. Or is that how big cities already are....?

    I paid $3.24 yesterday - not sure what it is out in town. I try not to look at prices too much, since I have to buy it anyhow. I always get my gas on a military base, so I don't need to try to find the cheapest price - I bet I save 5 cents a gallon or so since I get to do that.


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    This is getting ridiculous. Diesel here in SE Kansas did a one shot jump yesterday from 3.59 to 3.89. That makes a 35 gallon fill-up over $136.00

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    $3.09/Gal in MN today, but it's sure to increase.

    We just had six Republicans break ranks and vote to override the Governor's veto of a gas tax increase.
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    The bottom line is build a bunker and invest in an AK and 1million rounds b/c in about 8 years the US$ is going to be worthless and you'll wish you had. Seriously, at this rate we are shish-ka-bobed. Adios, Gameover, hasta luego, sianara, good night- and good luck. Bullets and weapons will be worth more than anyhting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghettokracker71 View Post
    I was mad the first time I ever filled up at over 20 dollars a tank, now I'm happy if filling up doesn't cost too much more than $30,...So I definitely feel your pain. Being a 21 year old "starving student"

    LOL Im happy if it dont cost over $50 lol
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    I pay $2.95 a gallon and use about $45 a week to commute to work. To lessen the pain of high fuel costs I take an equivalent "break" period at work and do nothing. So I am, in theory, getting my fuel for free.
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