Craziness is World Wide

Craziness is World Wide

This is a discussion on Craziness is World Wide within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; There is something really wrong in this World when a mom can't get help from the cops........ Teen Admits to Beating, Stabbing Model to Death ...

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Thread: Craziness is World Wide

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    Craziness is World Wide

    There is something really wrong in this World when a mom can't get help from the cops........

    Teen Admits to Beating, Stabbing Model to Death
    Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    A teenager confessed to beating and stabbing a 17-year-old model to death last year in north London, the Daily Mail reports.

    Marc King-Bromley, 17, told police he murdered Danielle Johnson behind garages just 100 yards from a busy road where thousands of residents were passing through over a long weekend.

    Johnson was beaten so badly her mother wasn't able to recognize her at the hospital.

    Johnson, a hair and beauty student, died June 8 from her injuries. She had also been robbed several times before her death and a fellow student put a BB gun to her head.

    Jan Johnson, Danielle's mother, said she went to police 20 times for help but she was denied any protection.
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    one of many reasons to carry. gladto hear that monster is behind
    bars and my prayers go out to her family.
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    It's the evil coming to the surface that has been held at bay through the centuries. Folks used to be God fearing and respected life and others. Decline in morals and religious beliefs have attributed to the increase in such heinous crimes and a total disrespect for fellow human beings. While mostly obvious to us in the US, it is worldwide. As we near judgment day, that evil will start to work increasingly harder to claim more souls, and the rest of us will notice more of the evil deeds as evil knows it's time is limited and coming to an end on that final day.

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    In London, none the less. I'm sorry for her loss.

    +1 Ram Rod

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    Your right Ram Rod. So much for "low" crime in the UK because of the lack of guns. The punks are afraid of no one. 20 times for help and now you read about good guys getting life in prison for protecting themselves from crooks. The UK just has it all bassakwards.
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