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Threatening Message At McNeese, School Remains Open

A threat to the campus of McNeese State University in Lake Charles has campus officials on alert.

"We have received some information that could be a threat to campus security," said Candace Townsend, McNeese Director of Public Information and Communication.

According to a University press release, the information "indicates that the threat is non-specific, but involves the date March 14."

The University is investigating the threat, but has not cancelled classes. The threat comes as students are studying for-- are have begun to take mid-term exams, and getting ready for Spring Break.

"We take every rumor seriously," said Dr. Robert Hebert, the University's president.

"We convened members of the crisis response team to review the information and the University continues to investigate the matter," he said.

While the University is taken the matter seriously, they are not concerned. A spokesperson for the school told KATC much of the scare was "rumor."

According to a Thursday evening press release, the school is in contact with numerous law enforcement agencies and are taking appropriate action.

Since the beginning of 2008, numerous college campuses around the country-- including a vo-tech campus in Baton Rouge, has fell victim to campus attacks and murders.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008
[reply] [delete] [moderate]McNeese should really consider shutting down tomorrow. Campus officals would feel terrible if something bad were to happen and they didn't take enough precautions to keep their students safe. If you go to McNeese just stay home tomorrow if you can!
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Thursday, March 13, 2008
[reply] [delete] [moderate]KLFY TV 10 voted station of the year by the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters!
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Kelly Thomas
Thursday, March 13, 2008
[reply] [delete] [moderate]It's ashamed that McNeese has not cancelled classes. My younger brother attends this college and plays football there. Although he is not going to any classes there tomorrow I feel sorry for the students that are going because they are putting their lives in danger. I mean come on now, does someone have to get injured or killed in this type of situation for the school to close if there is ever another incident like this??? If something does happen and someone sues them(mcNeese) they will wish they had cancelled classes.
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My son is a junior at this college.Hope he stays home.