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Back pain sufferers - - Please read!

This is a discussion on Back pain sufferers - - Please read! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; After 4 surgeries, I can reccomend several of the above. What eventually straightened me out was a CHINESE accupuncturist. No deep muscle massages, steroids or ...

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Thread: Back pain sufferers - - Please read!

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    After 4 surgeries, I can reccomend several of the above. What eventually straightened me out was a CHINESE accupuncturist. No deep muscle massages, steroids or other drugs, or a bunch of the other crap that a doctor recommends. Every case is different, thus different cures, etc.. No American accupuncturists unless they subscribe strictly to the Chinese methodology. (No we Americans can't do it better. The Chinese have been at it several thousand years longer.) Walk, walk, and walk some more! 5 miles a day should be sufficient but work your way up to that very gradually. Do ab exercises with your legs up on a chair or couch(divan) and then rise only enough for your hands to touch your knees. Get plenty of sexual activity. Use NSAIDS, if possible, ibuprofen, as they reduce inflammation.
    Remember that accupuncture will take some time as it has a lot of layers of muscles to relax. My insurance paid for my treatment. If your doctor won't prescribe the treatment for you, get another doctor. You do have a choice, make them do it.
    Steroids mask the problem and have short and long term side effects that can be hard to live with.
    Good luck, go slo o o o o o w, and stay with it. Your back will come around in time and you will be much better off for not using drugs.
    I bought a mattress from The Memory Foam Specialists - Memory Foam Mattresses, Memory Foam Topper Pads and Pillows about 4 months ago. I haven't rested this well in 40 years. I wake up happy instead of grumpy. Can't say enough about their products. It comes through UPS, delivered right in your front door.
    If I may help further, please PM me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tally XD View Post
    Thats very close to exactly what I am describing. That little "sweet spot" aint so sweet though.
    Sounds like we'd make one heck of a team.

    I've had this pain for almost 17 years now. It started when I was 21. I have scoliosis, which is the primary cause of my problem. I have back pain 24/7. It makes me walk like an old man some times. But too much physical labor or bending/moving in just the right way triggers the "nerve" type pain, and I've found the best fix for that is to stay on my back for a day or two. It takes a lot longer to get better if you don't lay down for a while. I have a Sealy Posturpedic with a 3" memory foam topper that works pretty good. Hot showers are good too. I set the water to where it cooks, and stand with it on my back. The back pain is usually so bad I don't even feel any pain from the heat.

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    morintp beat me to it. I got a new mattress a few months ago and it made a world of difference!

    Also, if you sleep on your back, try to raise your legs at the knees. If you sleep on your side, get one of those full body pillows. Tuck it between your knees and pull it in close at your chest. If you sleep on your stomach, learn to sleep on your back or side.

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    I had a dang bulging disk with a tear on it rubbing on a nerve -- at 26. SUCKED.
    Get that taken care of before it gets any worse. I had waited so long that my muscles had adapted and built up on one side. Go somewhere, whether it's a Chiropractor or wherever, and go today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tally XD View Post
    It is, of course, worse in the morning. Getting out of bed is a problem sometimes (usually every morning).
    "Worse in the morning" is often just an indicator that your bed is old and needs replacing.

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    I know there are some good chiropractors out there, and there a lot more people who believe in them, but the pain you are describing your first visit should be to an orthopedic surgeon. Even better if this orthopedic works together with a chiropractor.

    Before anyone manipulates your back, prescribes physical therapy, etc. you need to get some x-rays, catscan, and an MRI of your back. You won't get these all at once, your doctor will work up accordingly to try and find the root cause of your problem without wacking you with all the expense at once.

    If you don't find the root causes of your back problems, then any treatment is going to be virtually blind and can be more harmful than good. I learned this the hard way and finnally had to have surgery at 23 years old after a chiropractor did damage to my back and multiple doctors had just simply prescribed muscle relaxers and physical therapy that did no good.

    Once you know and understand the cause of your problem, then you can look at your treatment options. You will know you have a good doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, accupuncturist, etc. when they request a physical copy of your x-rays/imagings to look at before they begin serious treatment.

    Go to an orthopedic surgeon first. Do some research. Don't be afraid to try to get into the best one in the area. Your primary care physician may try to refer you to a nuerologist. Demand an orthopedic. Your nerve pain is only a result of something that is wrong in your back, not the cause.

    Oh by the way, I have well over 50 grand of work into my back (I quit counting after that). Thank God for insurance, but 20% of that still came out of my pocket.
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    Go see a doctor NOW. I know it's a money issue, but whatever's wrong could worsen and cost you even more - money-wise and health-wise. A dear friend had problems with his back from a work-related injury, and by the time something was done, even the surgery didn't help. Now he's in constant, severe pain and can't stand for very long. So sell something, work some extra hours, do what you have to legally do to get some cash.

    My husband has a slipped disc and degenerative disc disease (loss of fluid in discs from an old injury). It puts him in constant pain from mild to severe, and on bad days he's flat on his back trying to alleviate it. He's been on a lot of different different pain meds, including some of the nasty, addictive kinds. Chiropractors worked for a while and the Chinese acupuncturist/herbalist worked for a while.

    He's lost weight and has been working out to help strengthen his lower back. That's probably the best thing he's been doing.

    I had spinal fusion and I will end up with back pain if I twist wrong or sleep in a bad position. So I have a good quality mattress and pillows that aren't too fluffy and aren't too flat - positioning of the neck is very important. (A full memory foam mattress worsened my husband's back and put me in a lot of pain.) I have to make sure I'm in a straight line if I sleep on my back (otherwise my muscles spasm) and if I'm on my side, have a pillow tucked between my knees. So watch how you're sleeping, and that can help alleviate back pain overnight.

    Wear a back support to help you throughout the day.
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    I strongly second going to see an Ortho ASAP. Dont screw around with it and procrastinate either, the longer you wait, the more potential for permanent nerve damage.

    When I was 22, I began to have some really bad pain in my legs, and back, after hurting myself at work. about 6 months later, I just couldn't take it anymore, and went in. Found out I had 2 disk bulging at L3-4, and L4-5 (just above my butt for us lay folk). My doc prescribed therapy of course, and drugs to try and get things back into line, but it didn't help. I ended up with surgery, and I will swear to anyone anywhere, it was the best thing I ever did. Felt like a brand new man.

    I learned a lot during that stage, about myself and about the spine. I say myself because, the pain was excruciating. Even sneezes were the lick of death. Several times I woke up screaming in agony, freaking my wife out in the middle of the night.

    I found that the best option is a physical therapist that will incorporate both chiropractic measures and regular physical therapy/muscle strengthening techniques, and they are out there if you look for them. Mine twisted me up like a pretzel and cracked my back in several ways, and It made a huge difference.

    My rules of everyday life.

    No slouching. This tends to push all the disks of the spine outwards, and will cause bulging over a period of time. Slouching is why most folks experience back pain, and bulging disks later in life.

    When you sleep, always sleep in a position where all your muscles are able to relax. If you don't, what happens is your back muscles never get the rest they need, and eventually get so weak, you can pull them out picking up even just a pencil. Remember, your lower back muscles not only have to lift what your trying to pick up, but also the entire weight of your upper body. I sleep with a pillow under to prop them up when im on my back, or one between my legs when im on my side. This keeps proper spinal alignment when im drooling on my pillow.

    Keep your hip, stomach, side, and back muscles in good shape. Just like the frame is the base for any good pistol, your body needs a good frame.

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    I wasn't aware that this was a medical forum!
    But this is the Off Topic forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SonofASniper View Post
    I know there are some good chiropractors out there, and there a lot more people who believe in them, but the pain you are describing your first visit should be to an orthopedic surgeon. Even better if this orthopedic works together with a chiropractor.
    Orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, or even a neurologist. I add these last two because they do back pain a lot too, and the last one because you may not need surgery. What all of these are going to be able to do is get you an MRI to see how bad your disk problems are (assuming this is the cause), and help you decide if you can get by trying a course of steroids and physical therapy.

    I agree with SonofASniper that there are some good chiropractors out there, but there are also a lot of them who seem to have no solid grasp of the physiology of the spine and nervous system and don't seem to understand or, at least, be able to explain what their manipulations are doing.

    Imagine if your pain is rooted in the, admittedly unlikely, scenario of a spinal tumor growing against some nerves. Do you feel that your average chiropractor that doesn't use radiology tools is going to catch that?

    I've dealt with chronic back pain for about 18 years related to some disks that press against my spinal column. My problems have not been severe enough that I'm willing to take the surgery plunge (which has some downsides) and I've made do with physical therapy (professional in the beginning, and self-directed later on) and occasional courses of anti-inflammatory medications. I don't think I could have been so comfortable in my decisions not to have surgery without seeing the MRIs and surgical doctors who have intimate experience poking around inside the spine. Had I only consulted chiropractors, I think I would always be wondering if I had made the right decisions....again nothing against chiropractors, I just don't think they're the best avenue for more severe pain cases.

    Just my opinion...and I'm sure it's wrong

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    Exclamation BTDT

    1st I have 3 collapsed and 2 herniated disks in the L section, with a narrowing of the spinal column. I have been MRI'd X rayed, ENG'd Cat Scanned and Mylogramed.
    I had phantom pains and loss of feeling in my feet then...

    Swallowed pain killers and anti inflammatory by the hand full,
    Looked into disk replacement surgery
    Done the Cordozone shots they help for a while,
    went the a Chiropractor he helps some,
    bought a inversion table at the local Dunham's that helped the most, but then by accident I found out something...

    Watermelon I love the stuff and seedless was on sale so I started oinking out on the stuff to the point that I was going P every 30 minutes. Then one day after couple of weeks of this I noticed something weird, the feeling was coming back in my feet, my phantom pains were less, and my pain killers were no longer needed. Not sure why maybe the extra fluids helped to re hydrate the disks, or something in the stuff but I know this, I am basically pain free for the first time in over 7 years.
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    Orthopedic Surgeon first! I literally crushed the disk in L4 & L5 some 10 years ago and the pain was so bad I could not stand the rise of an elevator without screaming in pain. I got recommended a great surgeon and he did a fantastic job to the point I was walking without disk related pain in 12 hours. The most important thing he told me was that the surgery and healing would only be a success if I did not do stupid stuff afterwards. He asked me not to pick up anything heavier that 10 pounds for the first three months and not unnecessary bending or stretching or anything that would strain my back (sex included) then, if it felt OK nothing heavier than 20 pounds for a year and the rest of the above things. for six to eight more months. He also told me that my back would never be the same as before the accident so forget about super macho stuff and use my head: if I picked up something and it felt way heavy, drop it immediately.
    I still have back issues but they are mostly muscle related. Stupid stuff I did as kid and I never let it heal properly. And some times I might be abusing the repaired disks but I identify when the soreness starts to set in (reflects in my legs) and know better so I stop whatever is I am doing and rest. Most of the time I need just to sit down for 30-45 minutes and sometimes I do need to lay down and chug a couple of Aleves.

    Get yourself checked!

    PS: Try 1,000 micrograms of B-12 a day orally, it does wonders on my messed up muscles. If you are man enough, get yourself a b-12 shot.
    You have to make the shot when fire is smoking, people are screaming, dogs are barking, kids are crying and sirens are coming.
    Randy Cain.

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    Signed: Me!

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    Wow! Lots of responses here and I greatly appreciate your time. MRI/Xrays will be first on my list for the physician. Will look into a new mattress as mine is definitely old and worn out.

    Walking does seem to be the best relief for me at the moment. I always feel better after I have been at work for a few hours where I do a lot of walking.

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    can't really add any more than whats alreadybeen said. right now i"m
    recovering from 3rd surgery (back fusion on L4-L5. countless mri"s,x-rays
    two mylograms. have to wear a backbrace anytime i"m out of bed. just
    started third sessoin of therpy last week so hopefully this will work this
    time. i too was eating vicidon like it was candy. doc has me on percocet
    and muscle relaxers now. any way has mentioned before, the longer you
    wait the worst it can get. hopefully you don"t need surgery.some people
    it works for them and some it doesn't. so get help soon and i wish you
    the best of luck.
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    the world coming too"



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    I broke my neck ain't no chiropractor can fix my pain,but exercise and stretching does help with some of the pain,bottom line get checked out if you have a bad disc and it slips just right you can end up paralyzed ,the spinal cord is nothing to play with

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