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Back pain sufferers - - Please read!

This is a discussion on Back pain sufferers - - Please read! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Not sure if this has been mentioned yet. I have severe back issues (herniations, unstable discs, etc) and this worked wonders for me and kept ...

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Thread: Back pain sufferers - - Please read!

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    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet.

    I have severe back issues (herniations, unstable discs, etc) and this worked wonders for me and kept me off the surgeon's table:

    Robin Mckenzies "7 Steps To A Pain-Free Life" 7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life: How to Rapidly Relieve Back and Neck Pain: Robin McKenzie,Craig Kubey: Books

    Can not recommend it enough.

    Good Luck.

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    I get disability for my back and I recommend Chiropractor and massage therapy. I did not believe in massage until my wife went to school to become a massage therapist and started using me for practice. I was amazed at the difference.
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    1 year and 3 months ago I had what is called a Minimally invasive Lumbar Spinal Fusion by this outfit at South Western Medical Center. The doctor was ok but I wouldn't take my dog to the South Western Medical Center for any thing. Wow I've never been in such pain in my life. They didn't seem to care one bit either. After suffering from back pain for several years I finally gave in and doctor Pagnanelli came with great recommendations. I was on 400 mg of morphine and 4 650 mg Percocets a day for the back pain. In a way it helped but it didn't solve my back pain. I did however spend the last 4 days at Little Sahara Oklahoma with my Rhino and Prairie ATV playing in the sand. I was at the point where I thought I would never be able to enjoy that again. I've still got some pain but at times I also have relief. I still have to take some medications but not near as much as before. I didn't take any chances on jumping my Rhino but I didn't worry about what I climbed and hit the whoops faster then I've been able to in years. Of course I've also in the past 2 years purchased some pretty high priced Walker Evans shocks to handle those bumps too. I did try the Chiropractor procedure but it really didn't help. My back was too worn out from trying to lift my Prairie off a tree while fixing fence to keep the horses in a few years ago. In the process I blew a some disks and nothing else seemed to help but this. I had a couple of MRI before the operation and they also found a tumor that I had taken out at the same time. It was wrapped around my spinal cord and afterwards I couldn't feel my legs where my front pockets are. That was the only side effect so I'm glad they caught it early. Good luck on getting your back fixed. Sometimes it works great. My wife had hers fixed 8 or 9 years ago with out any problems at all.
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    IF you carry a wallet, thin it out...or carry it in your front pocket. It is amazing how much your wallt throws off your posture when sitting. I have had back problems since 1995. Since doing this my back has yet to go out again. (2 years)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Free American View Post
    IF you carry a wallet, thin it out...or carry it in your front pocket. It is amazing how much your wallt throws off your posture when sitting. I have had back problems since 1995. Since doing this my back has yet to go out again. (2 years)
    Yeah I figured that out back in the early 80's, if you have not done that already move the wallet ASAP.
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    Every case is different, not all back pain comes from the same source. Be very careful of the Chiropractors. There are very good ones and then there are ones like the guy who herniated three discs in my wifes back causing permanent injury. BTW Chiros have the largest per capita loss of malpractice cases in the medical field.

    I dealt with lower back pain for several years in the military. Finally got relief from a physical therapist who used to work for the Rams. Using manipulations and ice.

    I'd start with the Orthopedic surgeon, consider a highly regarded chiro and maybe some acupuncture if you can find the money, but then that's often another story.....
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    I have had episodes of severe back pain. Once, I was literally put belly down on top of a large garbage can (with the lid on) and wheeled out of my workplace.

    About 10 years ago I finally figured out that one way to reduce the number of episodes (and for me, get rid of the episodes) was to wear shoes with a great deal of cushioning on the heels. I buy them an extra half size larger than normal and place additional padding inside. Sports shoes with really good heels help. The MBT brand shoes help; but I think they are both too expensive and cause other balance issue.

    Whatever your doc eventually suggests, do consider trying to cushion your heels. That takes a lot of shock off your lower back.
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    I went to 2 walk in clinic docs, and a very well respected ER facility, and my primary doctor before seeing my chiro. The chiro took one look at my eyes and asked me how much painkiller, anti inflamatory and relaxents I was on and I showed him my baggy and all that had accumulated for the last 4 days. His response, " I am not touching you except to help you back to your (wife's) car, and I'll phone ther mri clinic and let them know you are on your way".
    Called me the next day and told me to call a nuero surgeon. I had herniated L4/L5, it had split and extruded. A counsel with a damn near world famous neuro and I was treated to a discectomy and lamenectomy(sp?).
    Get an MRI, no matter who has to order it.
    That was Jan 23rd, mid morning. By 6pm that evening, I had my phys therapist help me out of be to pee. Released late evening the 24th.
    Hired a good friend of mine to get me back in shape through training and proper eating, and lookd and felt better than ever.
    Again, get an MRI, go from there.


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    Do not wait. Get to a orthopedic specialist as soon as possible. I made the mistake of trying to tough out the pain, and I have permanent spinal nerve damage that caused partial loss of muscle function in one leg. I was told that surgery would not help me when I finally decided to seek help.

    Later I stated having problems with my neck, and was losing strength and dexterity in my left arm. I ended up getting a double fusion in my neck, because physical therapy was not helping. I got that taken care of in time for the neck fix to be a complete success.

    I have constant lower back pain, which wakes me up after about five hours of sleep, and then I must get up and sit in a chair for a while before going back to bed.

    I frequently get muscle spasms in my torso, because of arthritic bone spurs on my spine; I will probably have to get those trimmed off at some point, or suffer permanent nerve damage there like what happened with my leg from the L5-S1 herniated disk that I ignored for too long. I walk with a cane, can not run, climbing stairs is difficult, and can not stay on my feet more than a few minutes, or walk more than a few hundred feet without having to sit because of the pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HITCH KING View Post
    There are 2 types of people in this world (1) People who believe in Chiropractors and (2) People who have not been in so much pain that they go and become #1. Just like any person in any business get a recommadation from a friend. You will thank EMP and Myself.
    then there's a third group- Those who have tried a Chiropractor, and were made worse. I went, hoping to take some of the pressure off of a nerve root that was causing a foot drop, and hoping to avoid surgery. I went in and had an adjustment. The guy put me into an incredible muscle spasm, and I left much worse than when went in.
    On an objective note, studies have shown that chiropractors can help in an acute injury. They don't tend to help in the more chronic cases. Personally, I have no problem with my patients seeing a chiropractor, as long as they stay in areas that are appropriate, and know when to bail out. There are chiropractors who think that manipulations can cure everything. And, as I said, they need to know when to send the patient to a physician. When I was working in Pediatric Intensive Care, we had a child that had been having headaches for over a year. The parents had taken the child to a chiropractor, who kept bringing him back for regular manipulations. Finally, the saw a physician, who ordered a CAT scan, and once the boy's brain tumor was removed, he stopped having headaches.

    Anyway, your first step should be to see your primary physician, not an ortho. First, most specialists prefer that the work up has been started, and they see the reports and x-rays, and if necessary, MRI or CT films, when you first go to them. Second, most (not all) insurance plans want you to see your PMD first, who then decides how to proceed. Rarely is an MRI indicated as a first step. When I see a patient in a Primary Care setting (currently, I work in worker's comp, which alters slightly the way I handle things) I take a history, the examine the patient. Unless there is a history of trauma, I rarely get a plain x-ray.I treat with medications to help with relief of symptoms-they aren't going to fix the problem. I then send them for physical therapy. Even with neurological symptoms, physical therapy can provide relief and improvement. If they don't resolve with a course of physical therapy, their symptoms will determine my next step- if neurological symptoms are present, I get an MRI. Pf not, I refer to a Physiatrist (a specialist in rehabilitation of physical injuries). An orthopedic surgeon won't add much to the care in a nonsurgical case. If the MRI comes bacl positive, the patient is referred to Ortho or neurosurgery (I send neck injuries to a neurosurgeon). Nonsurgical, then off to a physiatrist.

    Get yourself some help-there's no reason to have all of that pain

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