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This is a discussion on Rant O' the Week within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by Herknav My pet peeve is when people post something for sale on umpteen different forums and forget to check back to where ...

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Thread: Rant O' the Week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herknav View Post

    My pet peeve is when people post something for sale on umpteen different forums and forget to check back to where you saw it because they already sold it on plutoniumq36spacemodulator.com.
    Herk, that wore a gooder!!

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    I am a member of another forum (unrelated to firearms), that has a post minimum set, and yes, there are the occassional padders that post crap to boost their count. Usually, once the mods there inform of the forum rules, the seller becomes a regular poster with mostly contributive commentary or genuine knowledge seeking. It is all in the way they are handled.

    I have had a transaction with one member here, and I must say that it was a very pleasant transaction. I don't remember who it was, and I am way too lazy to check right now, but he is definately on my return favor list. If your reading this you know who you are (Browning Hi-Power grips).

    Just remember, if your gut tells you something is amiss, it probably is. Stay away and you are likely to have one less headache.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aznav View Post
    Moderators - can't decide if this is off topic or not. Feel free to move.

    It really fries me when someone puts up a WTS item in a gun forum and then waits two, three, four days or more to see if there are any bites. This is usually accompanied with an apology about being busy here or there and forgot to check their "line". So, especially on a hot deal, there will be three or more posts for I'll take it, or "send more pics" or "does it have this or that?" followed by silence. If you're going to sell it then sell it! Thanks for the rant.
    I agree, but to be fair, it happens on both sides of the deal, IE; I'll take it, followed by silence or my favorite, I'll take it in 3 weeks.
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