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Fitness help needed.

This is a discussion on Fitness help needed. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I am going to echo a lot of things that other people have said. I have dropped 16 pounds since the beginning of the year. ...

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Thread: Fitness help needed.

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    Sorry so long...............

    I am going to echo a lot of things that other people have said.

    I have dropped 16 pounds since the beginning of the year. My mile time is down to 9 min and my mile and a half time is down to 14:40. I am 5' 10" and weigh 275 pounds (but I am a lot of muscle).

    Weight lose is easy. Like someone else said eat less, excercise more. more out and less in.

    Now the hard part; how do you accomplish those things. For me it was my grandfather almost having a heart attack (should have--three coronary arteries almost 100% blocked) and my grandmother dying of complications of IDDM (and CHF). I want to be around for a while.

    Just start. Do something, anything. If you can only go on a 200 yard walk at first, do it. The next day, go 225 yards. Push yourself, remember why you are doing it. It sounds weird, but enjoy the pain. As the Marines say, pain is weakness leaving the body. There will be days that you don't want to. Do it anyway. There will be days when you think that you can take on the world. Do it twice.

    Only you can make a difference in your life. I know your wife wants to help you but you are the only one who can make the decision.

    Don't worry so much about strength training at first. Focus on cardio. That will make the bigger difference at first. You will see a lot of change in just one month. Commit to a new lifestyle for one little month. If you don't see a difference, then go back....but I bet you won't go back.

    Try to eat healthier. Like someone else said, if your grandmother wouldn't recognize it, then don't eat it. Don't eat anything that come through a window in a paper bag from a man in a paper hat. And this is the big thing--Don't cut out all the bad stuff. If you have a weakness for potato chips, eat them. Just eat them once or twice a weak, one serving at a time. Not the whole bag. Have an addiction to chocolate cake? Eat one piece at a sitting, once or twice a week. Not half the cake. If you cut out all the bad stuff you will crash and burn in a short time.

    The big thing to remember is that you aren't dieting or excercising (sp). You are changing the way you act for the rest of your life.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot. Weigh yourself. Some people find it's easier to weigh in every day, some every few days. Keep track of it. Keep a log of exercise and weight. It is a great motivator when you can look back and see your progress.

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    I've dropped one belt loop from my gun belt in the last 2 weeks...does that count? I haven't been tracking the weight though.

    I'm a good 20-25lbs over weight still though(right around 215 last I checked a few months ago). Luckily that extra weight doesn't show on me very much since I'm fairly blocky up top. If I wear bulkier shirts they just sheer off at the chest line and nobody's the wiser. That's the plus side to weight lifting...

    Keep pounding the weights and keep adding weight to the bar ...the body fat weight will come off. I've heard elsewhere before and it seems to hold true...the more muscle you have, the easier it is to burn off the excess weight.

    Almost beach time folks...keep working!
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    PM me if you really want to know what I did to achieve this transformation.
    In the fat pic I was a little over 300 pounds. In the skinny pic I was 160. I am currently 175, with all weight put back on (15 pounds or so) being solid muscle. My body fat percentage in the fat pic is around 45% and I am currently at 17%. Just had it measured last Saturday in fact.
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    Everytime you post those before and after pics Mike, I get more and more impressed with the transformation.
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    Soda is the biggest culprit in A TON of cases of being overweight.

    Not only is the sugar bad on the metabolism but it can also lead to high/low blood sugar and diabetes.

    I wont lie, as of now im back on the soda routine. When I cut it out and continued my typical lifestyle though, I dropped about 20 lbs with absolutely no effort. On top of that I began to run and eat somewhat decent to drop the other 35. Long story short I quit the above and put it all back on over a year. It took about about 6 months to loose it (properly).

    When looking at diets and such you shouldn't really call it that, its really gotta be a lifestyle change because diets are only temporary.

    You dont have to be super strict on what you eat, just keep track of what you take in calorie/fat/sugar wise. Take a multi-vitamin to make sure your getting what you need.

    Its not that hard. In the process of loosing weight, I was still eating most of the foods men love to eat, just in moderation.

    The day I started drinking soda again was all downhill from there. Its certainly not something you can be consuming on a daily basis (a can once or twice a week is ok).

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    Mike: What a set of pics! You are a great example of someone taking ownership of their body! Very motivating!
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