N.D. BB Ouch!

N.D. BB Ouch!

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Thread: N.D. BB Ouch!

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    N.D. BB Ouch!

    Anybody ever catch a BB when you were a kid?

    I caught one in the leg once...but, since I was wearing jeans it only penetrated a bit more than a quarter inch. Doggoneit it smarted though! It got really black & blue.

    We used to have battles when I was a kid.
    All kinds of battles. Bottle Rocket Battles...M80 battles. Don't hold onto those M80s too long before you throw them!
    I almost exploded my fingers off once. They were tingling for a week.

    I had a few really stupid injuries. We were truly wild kids.
    I got shot with a target arrow once...we were having an Indian War..."I Zigged When I Should Have Zagged" and caught an arrow in the side.
    It just went in my skin pretty deep (under the skin in my side) like 4" but, didn't hit anything important "in there" ~ The wound got seriously infected though.
    I just pulled it out & didn't tell my parents for about 3 days.
    Then I got really sick. I had no choice.
    My parents were extremely POed at me because we missed our family vacation that year.
    My Dad said that he was going to beat me with a leather strap as soon as I got better...but, he changed his mind.

    What other totally stupid things happened to me when I was a jerky little kid?
    Hummmm...We were goofing around with these road flares.
    The old kind with the burning Phosphorus in the cardboard tube.
    I turned mine upside down & this burning Phosphorus spilled out & burnt down through my tennis shoe & sock & seriously burnt almost 1/2" into my foot before it stopped burning.
    It took a LONG TIME to heal up.
    I still have visible craters in the top of that right foot. I think I was only 10 yrs old when that happened.

    I have MORE ...but, you NEXT...What was the dumbest way you ever got hurt as a kid?

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    BTW - The ORIGINAL M-80 Specs.

    The original M-80 was a SERIOUSLY BAD Piece Of Firework!
    They were perfectly legal back when we were messing with them. They are not legal now.

    M80 - The original M80 was a military simulator that was sold as a firecracker. M80s are red in color, one and one-half inches long, 5/8 of an inch in diameter, with a green waterproof fuse sticking out the side. It contained two grams of flash powder and was responsible for hundreds of serious injuries due to its powerful blast. These items were banned by the CPSC in 1966, and made illegal by the BATF (now ATFE) in the 1970's. Legal M80's today contain 50 milligrams of flash powder, which is about 1/40th of the original M80. Illegal M80's sometimes contain compositions that are sensitive to shock and can injure of kill people. If you like having full use of your fingers, hands, and eyes, don't mess with illegal M80's.

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    Geez, if I posted every stupid thing I did as a kid it would take a lifetime just to write it... and would continue right up to yesteray.
    "I am a Soldier. I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight." GEN George S. Patton, Jr.

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    Like that old expression: "I don't see how we lived past 10 years of age!"

    I'd tell you about the crawl space experience I had in a cave, but I'd be in a panic and cold sweat before I was done. Then there was the 'bottomless' cave that I had to go off-line in to free a rope on another caver. I'm startin' to sweat.

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    Let's just say one of my ring fingers is shorter than the other.

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    Oh heck QK - do you want the book - or will the abridged version suffice?

    I like most wonder I ''survived'' my childhood and teens - I guess destiny did not have me written up for early demize.

    Air pistol battles across a pond - .177 lead pellets, not BB's. Some shots direct, some ''skipped'' over the water surface. Not the wisest thing to do.

    Way way back in UK we had really quite good fireworks one of which was a ''Cannon'' - fat thing with a very useful powder content - but fuse burn time was not consistent. Very good for blowing large mud craters at edge of pond but a tad unpredictable. No M80's as such but close to those were ''Thunderflashes'' - same idea. Put one on ground and ignite and place trash can over top - trash can launched to 50' or more and distorted nicely! Never risked a hand injury with those - too darned potent.

    Did a lot of ''experimenting'' with NaCLO3 and sugar mixes - lotta fun but quite hazardous sometimes. The guys who really screwed up with that stuff usually were trying to make pipe bombs - forgetting that friction can ignite it!

    Other stuff? Oh my - literally too much to relate - it really would make a small book More if I remember later.
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    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

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    ive still got 10 fingers and toes beyond that im not telling

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