What were they thinking?

What were they thinking?

This is a discussion on What were they thinking? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Found these from a link from Sayuncle. I would think this flashlight qualifies as an AOW, but think what is pointing at you when your ...

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Thread: What were they thinking?

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    What were they thinking?

    Found these from a link from Sayuncle.

    I would think this flashlight qualifies as an AOW, but think what is pointing at you when your using it. Basic gun rules anyone?

    This just says OUCH!
    Nuf Said!
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    um I mean only the mall nijas would even think about this,, now give me a mag light with oc spray out the front end, ok,, but a rear facing round of ammo,, how exactly would you aim that .380 or .410 and get any accuracy,, maybe if they made the bulb end resemble a rifle stock? lol,,, almost as funny as watching my buddy swear he knew how to shoot a pistol grip 12 ga, when I told him it looked cool but accurracy would be poor he said "no if I need to I can aim" and placed it on his cheek,,,,,,, yeah I am a jerk I let him proove how accurate it was,,,,,, AOW and short barrelled shotgun,, hmmm,, what security guards could carry this that cant carry a handgun or shotgun anyway? And what company would allow such reckless equipment? yeah thats what I want my guys carrying a single shot .380,,, but on the bright side, they do have it facing the correct way for anyone stupid enough to consider carrying it around...... DARWIN AWARD but Ill be getting the second one for my ex,, good gag gift, lol.

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