Retrieving Dogs

Retrieving Dogs

This is a discussion on Retrieving Dogs within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I just remembered an inident about 7 years ago,I have a Chocolate Labrador Retriever that was trained to hunt,and i lived in town but a ...

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Thread: Retrieving Dogs

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    Retrieving Dogs

    I just remembered an inident about 7 years ago,I have a Chocolate Labrador Retriever that was trained to hunt,and i lived in town but a creek ran about 100 yards away behind my house,one night i let her out to do her things and she disappeared into the dark,after a couple minutes i started calling her "lucky" ome on let's go and after about a minute i saw movement and saw her coming but her gait was weird.I thought she mighta hurt a paw or sumpin and as she got closer i realised she was carrying something,so i ask her what ya got lucky and then the light hits her and i see it's a freakn possum she's thinking it's dead and i know it ain't,i'm yelling drop it drop it and i can see his beady eyes looking at me like ain't dis a *****,i grab her collar and make her drop it then take her in the house,about 5 minutes later i look out and it's gone.I don't think she realised how sharp those little teeth really are and i'm glad she didn't find out
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    Opossums are nasty! They are one of the many varmints I deal with on a regular basis...(along with skunk, raccoon, fox & the occasional coyote). Whenever I trap a opossum, I have to re-boil the trap. Something about their odor, makes it so no other varmint will come near the trap after they have been there.

    My wife even caught one on my front porch, staring thru the glass storm door! She eliminated him with a 12gauge. I caught another one in the chicken coop one night. When I put the light on him he was up on a rail next to a chicken. He froze & tried to act like he was invisible....that made dispatching him easier.

    My labs will bark at them, but they won't pick them up....even if they are really dead.
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    Possums look pretty ferocious when they rear up on their hind legs, bare their teeth, and hiss. Made our Dobie back off...for a moment....LOL

    Nasty 'ol things.
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    My Black Lab, may he rest in peace, was a ferocious opossum killer. He would actually kill them; however, one time I made him drop one that he had caught. It was definitely "playing possum". I made the lab go inside the house and we both stood at the back door watching. In about 3 minutes the opossum staggered to his feet and stumbled off. My Lab went insane when he saw his "dead" possum get up and leave. He would have broken through the back door if I hadn't held on to him. I don't know if he ever forgave me for letting his prize get away. Possums can be nasty little fighters when they are cornered and those teeth are like slivers of glass.

    And of course, now with the Lab gone, the squirrels are having a field day in our yard.
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    The funniest dog possum story I know, happened while rabbit hunting.
    One of the party members always brought his Dauxhund along.
    This dog treed squirrels and found possums in their dens.
    The day of this story she found another possum in it's den and was in the hole barking hole. The dog would not come out so the owner reached in and pulled the dog out and the dog had a bite hold on the possum's snout by then and the possum is pulled out as well.
    So the owner grabs the tail of the possum and tries to hold the possum up out of reach; but, the dog won't let go. So there he is holding up a possum with a dog dangling from its shout. And of course getting unwanted advice from the rest of the party.

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    where was your camera

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    Being an avid bird hunter and raising GSD working dogs until they are old enough for the hardcore training of police work, I've had lots of dogs live in my home.
    One would think that bird dogs and high strung high prey drive GSD's would be killing machines... not so. The best dog I've had for killing (or at least chasing off) critters is my current dog, whose sole purpose was to be a pet for my son. He is a Jack Russel, and he is the coolest dog I've had grace my home.
    He can catch anything anywhere. Nothing enters my backyard without getting 12lbs of fuzzy fury. He's a blast to watch.

    On to the retriever story; My girlfriend at the time bought me a golden for christmas. He was a fat lazy dog, who wouldnt hunt anything but his food dish, but I loved him anyway. Nothing eats for free in my house, so I gave him a job. He was to be a caddy for the sporting clays range. My neighbors wife made him a vest to carry a few boxes of shells, towels, glasses and other small items. He was an instant hit at the club.
    One day out of the blue, "Zak" decided pick up all the empty hulls as we went along. He stuffed his mouth until he couldnt possibly fit anymore, then I'd put them in the vest he was wearing.
    He continued to do this everytime we went out, even in the backyard just goofing around shooting clays with buddys. He couldnt leave any empties on the field and it was hard to get him to stop picking them up once he started.

    I got a ton of offers (from reloaders) to buy Zak, but I refused. He had become the best bird dog ever, even though he couldnt hunt a damn thing.
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