Accidental shooting wounds Chili's patron-daughter there

Accidental shooting wounds Chili's patron-daughter there

This is a discussion on Accidental shooting wounds Chili's patron-daughter there within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Accidental shooting wounds Chili's patron in Melbourne | | FLORIDA TODAY Accidental shooting wounds Chili's patron in Viera FLORIDA TODAY • April 12, 2008 ...

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Thread: Accidental shooting wounds Chili's patron-daughter there

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    Thumbs down Accidental shooting wounds Chili's patron-daughter there

    Accidental shooting wounds Chili's patron in Melbourne | | FLORIDA TODAY

    Accidental shooting wounds Chili's patron in Viera

    FLORIDA TODAY • April 12, 2008

    Criminal charges are pending against a man whose gun apparently discharged inside a Chili's restaurant in Viera late Friday night, injuring the man's friend.

    Police were called to the restaurant at 955 Wickham Road just after 11:30 p.m. Friday.

    The victim suffered a gunshot wound to the lower leg in a dining area of the restaurant. Police determined the shooting was accidental, and the person holding the firearm, Richard Philipoff, was a friend of the victim. No age nor address was provided by police for Philipoff.

    Police said Philipoff initially left the restaurant reportedly in fear of being arrested. Officers were able to contact him and he returned. Officers said he was cooperative and upset. The firearm was described as a .45-caliber Glock Model 30.

    While the shooting appears accidental, police said criminal charges are being reviewed with the State Attorney's Office. Possible charges include possession, improper display/handling and culpable negligence.

    The victim of the shooting was not identified, but was reportedly stable and alert and was transported from the scene for evaluation, police said.
    First, one more example of the news not getting basic facts right (something to remember when we are trying to determine exactly what happened from a news story). They initially reported this as the wrong town.

    My daughter was serving. It was her table, an 8-top. She was at the next table over, maybe 4 or 5 feet away, when she heard the gunshot (a sound she knows well from our trips to the range ).

    The dude with the Glock (they presumably did get that right; a cop described it to my daughter as a 'mini-Glock') was drinking, although not heavily (at Chili's anyway-she doesn't know if he had anything to drink before he arrived at the restaurant).

    They had been there nearly 2 hours when he pulled out his piece to 'show' it to one of the friends at the table when he dropped it. He grabbed for it, and, guess what -- pulled the trigger--and the pistol discharged. The round hit Mr. Pistolero's friend in the leg, passed through his leg, ricocheted off the floor, went down the long walkway at the front of Chili’s, passed through the container that holds menus at the front of the restaurant, grazed another server's arm, then hit the wall at the far side of the restaurant, where it fell to the ground. At which point Mr. Genius yelled, “Oh, edited by moderator! My gun went off.”

    The wounded friend shouted, “Oh,edited by moderator” then staggered away from the table, bleeding all over the place, and then collapsed to the floor about 10-15 feet away.

    Most of the sheeple never moved. They turned their heads toward the sound; many thought it was just a balloon being popped. (My daughter said her immediate thought was ‘gunshot,’ then, ‘no, it must be a balloon.’ Then she realized that it had to be a gun going off.)

    The ‘man with a gun’ immediately got up and started to leave, when my daughter confronted him and told him to sit his edited by moderator down (she gets her mouth from her mother ) because she could identify him. He kept running. She dialed 911, yelled for someone to stop him (she said she wasn’t going to stop him – he had a gun).

    The shooter’s friends all started to leave, leaving their wounded friend lying in the floor of Chili’s. They claimed they didn’t know the guy’s name. Some ended up leaving, but the shooter’s GF stayed. She eventually called him (I think after the officers told them they could go to jail for not giving him up), let LE talk to him, and LE talked him into coming back to the store.

    My daughter was initially pretty shaken. She didn't know if the shot was intentional and if there could be more. Once she knew it was an 'accident,' she was much calmer. Another server was right behind the shooter when the gun was discharged. The server who was grazed by the round has a burn and a bruise, and a great story to tell.

    So, just another boring night around our house.
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    What an idiot. I hope they charge him with something. It is idiots like him that make it so difficult on the rest of us.
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    Why would anyone pull their weapon out to show it off in the middle of a restaurant!! This idiot is making it hard on all of us!
    No bashing here but, this idiot needed an external safety and a brain transplant!!

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    Never try to catch a falling knife, or a falling Glock. The dolt needs to lose more than his license.

    Glad your daughter is OK!
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    Glad your daughter wasn't hurt.

    What an idiot (the shooter). Guess he forgot the "concealed" part. And if he was drinking and handling his gun, even more of an idiot.

    This is exactly what those who oppose CCW use as an argument for not carrying in restaurants that serve alcohol.

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    Another idiot who should not have a gun.Pulled it out to show it to his buddy?He is probably the type that thinks a gun makes him a man.

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    These people really burn me...WTH was this moron thinking? Great...because of one stupid person's actions we are going to be portrayed as neanderthal wackos who "need to strap on their shootin' iron" when "bellying up to the bar"...
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    Wow, that's pretty scary. I'm glad your daughter was okay.

    It will be interesting to find out if this guy was licensed or guess is not.
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    First off, ditto what everyone said about your daughter being unharmed. Second, responsible gun owners know that when the alcohol comes out, the guns get put up. Third, never, ever, show your gun off in a crowded public setting. Four, how in Sam Hill do you pull the trigger grabbing for your gun? Sounds like to me that he was horsing around and showing off and forgot that he had one in the chamber when he pressed the trigger.

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    I, too, am glad your daughter is alright.

    So, no comments about everyone leaving the injured guy just lying there on the floor? Sheesh! With friends like that...
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    Your daughter is providing you with many days to think about in your old age...glad she and many of the others were OK.



    As to the dufus with the gun...his lack of common sense coupled with a serious ND should/may cost him his license. To have a serious accident and THEN leave the scene and those he injured demonstrates his disregard for those around him and people like that should not be CCW

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    Thats awesome PR, .congrats on making at least one restaurant full of antis... Edited by moderator idiot.

    Glad noone got killed.
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    Most of the sheeple never moved. They turned their heads toward the sound;
    So we have a story about sheeple and a gun-owning moron. Which is worse?

    LOL, I guess most gun owners would be sheeple too since they don't do anything smart when guns go off at gun shows. They just stand and gauk.

    So did the daughter hit the floor, take cover, attack the shooter, or start to dial 911 before the guy started to leave or was she a sheeple as well? No offense to the daughter, but the standard reaction to a single gunshot that is not preceded by threats or other menacing activity is basically to do nothing until there is other activity that indicates what action should be taken.

    Calling the patrons sheeple because of their lack of response isn't appropriate given that it is a standard response, even of many gun people who aren't trained responding to such threats.
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    Glad to hear your daughter is fine.
    My first thoughts was did this idiot have a permit? I kind of doubt it. I'm sure the press would have made a point to say so if he did.
    This idiot needs to lose his gun and do time. Although he may not have pulled his weapon to intimidate, this should fall under brandishing. Since Florida does not allow for open carry his weapon should remain concealed at all times. Finally, the victims "freinds", as someone else said: "With friends like that, who needs enemies". Makes me think of rats deserting a sinking ship, or maybe "Hey Charlie, was good seeing you. I have a appointment I just thought of. See you when you get out of the hospital!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by crzy4guns View Post
    responsible gun owners know...
    Being the key phrase.

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