I want to issue a challange......SEND A GI A G2! our guys in the sand box are using old GI flashlights. I mailed out today a G2 to a friend thats getting ready to be deployed to Iraq with spare batts and a few old production knifes i had.

I challange all to "SEND A GI A G2 "

G2'S Sell for $34 retail. I know I for one have spent many hundreds of dollars on a gun accessories so lets get on the stick and help out a GI who needs a good flashlight.

Send all knives and/or gear to:

Tactical Supplies ATTN: Justin
PO Box 02
701 Pine Street
Strattanville PA, 16258

Also, if you want to include a letter to send, please include it.
the GI G2 Challenge is also on the Usual Suspect Forums for those of you that are members, if you want to donate there.