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Son joined the Army today

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Thread: Son joined the Army today

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    Danger Mouse:
    He will make it just fine.

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    Best of luck to your son. May God keep him safe.

    Retired Army

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    I can relate. It was the Army or the oil field and I chose the Army. There were a few things I wish I had done different but overall, I'm very glad I went the route I did. Tell him to stick out the first 6 months, it gets a lot better after training.

    What MOS did he chose?

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    Talking Daughter joined last year

    Best move she ever made, she had a Bachelors degree and went in with rank, Basic was at Fort Jackson SC and AIT was at Fort Rucker AL, now she is in Korea for her first tour. It is a great thing he has done and opportunity is knocking on his door.
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    Agree with Sixto, OPFOR, and the rest. Get an MOS that he likes, I came in as an 21E. I have been doing all types of jobs carpenter, fueler, mechanic, mortarman, signal, medic, ect... He will learn all types of jobs if you volenteer It was a great decision for me, i just reuped 6 yrs. Just keep his nose clean and ALWAYS volenteer for everything its worth it in the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magilla82ABN View Post
    ALWAYS volenteer for everything its worth it in the end.
    Thats good advice after basic and AIT!
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    I'm with OPFOR, but also agree with SIXTO. I went to the recruiter with the intention of going into something practical that I could use when I got out (law enforcement) but wound up deciding I just wanted to blow stuff up in a big way so went into armor. I have never regretted it. I think the important thing is is to go in. I can think of no better way for a young person to learn responsibility and do something for their country than entering the service. I, too, thank him for his decision....
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