Many sites with videos try and stream them, which can be a PITA if you want to save but no option to do so.

I have for months used Internet Download Manager - and highly recommend it. It is not too expensive at all (IIRC a $30 or so cost) - updates come thru automatically. Config is quite easy - mostly being a cased of setting up specific folders for ''general'', ''music'', ''video'', ''docs'', and compressed files ... and pointing the app' to those as well as setting up what extensions you want targeted.

Streaming news does not seem to trigger it but many other sites do just fine - I have no vested interest at all - just find it very good and it is promo-free so no annoying ad's. I keep noting that folks get irritated at streaming stuff and so do I ! - and this gets rid of much of that prob'.

Other app's like Gozilla I once used did not seem near as good.