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This is a discussion on Sleep deprivation within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My wife gets good results with WalMart's 'sleep aid' pills (benadryl): non-habit-forming and you don't need stronger doses over time. But see a doc, too......

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Thread: Sleep deprivation

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    My wife gets good results with WalMart's 'sleep aid' pills (benadryl): non-habit-forming and you don't need stronger doses over time. But see a doc, too...

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    Benadril works OK to put me to sleep Ambient is more of a keep you asleep thing. Take 2-3 Benadrill an Hour before bed then I am out. Also the copehagen will wake you up if you rub your eyes after putting a pinch in and forgetting to wipe off your fingers. OWWWWWWW but it works for a good 30 minutes

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    Get a day job, I worked 15 years on the graveyard shift before I was medically retired ( that tell you anything ). The body has it's own internal clock that says sleep when its dark and stay awake when the sun's up. Honestly the grave shift will mess with you having any kind of normal sleep habit. That being said, exercise will help.
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    I've worked nights before, 6pm-7am. I'm naturally a night owl anyways, and that's when I'm most productive. But I'm also used to not sleeping. I usually get by with an average of 4-5 hours a night. Sometimes less, or none at all, and other times up to 8 hours if it's been several days of 2-3 hours a night.

    Some tricks to help you sleep during the day would be covering your windows, cardboard with aluminum foil works pretty well, I've heard felt works great, blankets only filter the light, or a sleep mask. Another thing, if you live in an apartment building or have anyone else in the house with you is a set of foam earplugs. The neighbors mowing the lawn, birds chirping, etc., all will keep you awake.

    I have kids, so I used to try to get on a day schedule on my days off. What I used to do was the night before my first night I'd stay up all night until 7am (about 24 hours) and make them breakfast. Then I'd sleep from about 8 to 2, and be good to go for a week of night shift. When the shift was done, there were a couple things I'd do to maximize my first day off, depending on what our plans for the day were. Either take a quick nap and spend the day with the family and to bed at a normal time or stay up all day and get to bed early.

    These are the things that worked for me, it all depends what works for you. Everybody I knew on night had different things that worked for them. No two people had the same routine.

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    Definitely seek the advice of a physician.

    This from a guy who's guaranteed to fall asleep if I don't remain standing or in motion. Sorry... untreated sleep apnea will do that to you....
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