My 3 year old daughter impressed me tonight

My 3 year old daughter impressed me tonight

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Thread: My 3 year old daughter impressed me tonight

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    Talking My 3 year old daughter impressed me tonight

    My 3 year old daughter impressed me tonight. I have instilled in her gun responsibility. I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember and could explain it to her. I always say in a stern voice and drill her anytime I have them out I ask here “What are these (as I hold up any gun I have)” and she responds correctly every time "That’s a no-no, we don’t touch those”.

    Well tonight we took it a step further and I was rather proud of her. Today we had the same “No-no” drill I do with her. I told her today for the first time (now that she can speak better and understand more) that these can badly hurt her, and asked her what they could do if she touches them. “She said that they can hurt me or mommy and daddy”. I feel she is learning more and more. She is only 3, but I feel she can grasp the idea they can be dangerous if she plays with them. I also feel that she knows what dangerous means… like playing by the road.

    I set my Glock next to her unloaded and the action open and said “You are only allowed to touch this when daddy says you can and when you get older”. She looked at it sitting there but that was it. She did not touch it and said it’s a “No-no”

    Well later on in the afternoon after I came home with my new Taurus, I showed my wife the new addition and showed our 3 year old. I explained to her again and asked her “Do we touch this”? She said it’s a “no-no and I can only touch them when I get older and daddy says I can, because they can hurt me".

    My wife and I gleamed with smiles ear to ear. Our 3 year old understands what a gun is, and what it can do. I felt so proud knowing that I have taught her gun responsibility at such a young age. I still keep them locked up in the safe except for one I keep loaded out of her reach or on my person for home defense. I am 100% confident now she knows she can see them or touch them, and all she has to do is ask daddy. Otherwise she will not touch them.

    As a further test I took my BB handgun, cleared it and took out the CO2 and set it at the table she was playing at tonight. I did the “no-no” drill with her again and walked out of the room with the BB gun on the table next to her. She was in view the whole time as I watched from behind her in the other room. She did not touch it the whole 15 minutes she sat there.

    It’s all about education.

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    Good for you! Stay safe!
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    Wow. She is doing great.

    We did the same thing with our kids. Eddie Eagle program is great.

    As a test, just like you, I put an UNLOADED gun (I checked it 100 times, action open and no ammunition within 1000 miles, plus my wife was secretly keeping an eye on him) on a table in the living room. I asked my son to get me something in the living room (I was in the bedroom). When he got to the living room, he came running back to me and told me that there was a gun on the table.

    When he was 16, I took him to some handgun training classes. Everyone was impressed with his conscientiousness towards safety.

    It is all about training.
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    I'm now 22 and my father did the same thing with me. I was taught at a young age that it was not for me. But, if I wanted to see it that was fine. When daddy had the gun out and I asked about it, he was quick to sit me in his lap and tell me all about it. That way it wasn't a big thing that had been hidden from me. If I ever was to find one, it would of been a no bid deal sorta thing.

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    Gun-proof the parents!
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    Congrats! Sounds like you have done a great job.

    I do have to add one careful of tempting the kids to do something they shouldn't do. Almost, a boy who cried wolf kind of thing.
    At some point in time, kids, pre-teens, teens, WILL do something that they know they shouldn't.

    A sad example I know of is a teen who picked up a gun from his father's nightstand to show off to a friend.

    I understand the test, so to speak, to make sure that they are following your instructions even when you don't appear to be around. Unfortunately, as kids get older, sometimes they make dumb decisions, especially once they begin to understand work schedules and when to expect a parent to return.

    Well, I harped on that way too long. I really do commend you for teaching your daughter proper safety at such a young age. It is, indeed, a fine line to teach youth the difference between being comfortable and safe with firearms vs becoming complacent.

    I wish there were more parent's like you. Great job! And don't forget the first range report...
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    Now that's some quality parenting. Something I've realized in the past 4 years is that kids are way smarter than most people give them credit for.

    The first time my little buddy picked up our toy six shooter he was pointing it all over the place and I told him not to point it at people. His response, "what about bad guys?" Little did I know that was a trick question, because about 1 second after I said sure I became the bad guy.
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    Great job.

    Since neither of my parents were "gun folks," it fell on my grandpa to teach me about firearms and gun safety when I started to show an interest in shooting and hunting. From a very early age, he instilled the fact that they were not toys and were to be taken very seriously. I've turned out pretty good... I think. haha
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    I can remember being 10 and 11 years old and getting the old 1shot shotgun out of dads closet that he thought I didn't know about. Kids are inquisitive. If he had just shown me and satisfied my curiosity I probably would have ignored it. I also remember sneaking into grandmas roomates closet to fondle the beautiful stainless revolver. That said I was taught firearm safety from an early age by my uncle. One of the first things he taught me was how to clear every weapon in his extensive collection. I believe that a basic understanding of how to make safe a weapon is one of the primary steps in firearms safety and exposure to as many as possible helps alot. Growing up a little and owning my own firearms now I have a much greater grasp on the danger that I encoutered doing this as a child, that said the safety lessons stuck. Opened the breach on the shotgun and opened the cylinder on the revolver to "make safe". Had I been uneducated on how to do that who knows what would have happened.
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    Good job. Too many wait too long to teach basic gun safety. My kids are now 11 and 9 and have had safety drilled into them since forever. Keep up the good work.
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    Since they are unlikely to let you know ahead of time when, where and how violent they're going to be, you should always be prepared.' - matiki

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