Shock Bracelets for air travel?

Shock Bracelets for air travel?

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Thread: Shock Bracelets for air travel?

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    Shock Bracelets for air travel?

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    NICE.... one drunk starts spouting off on a flight, and my family gets tazed? No thanks. You know it would happen more than a terrorist attack.
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    In reality, the terrorists would gain control of the bracelet system and shock the crap out of anyone wearing it.

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    Bracelet system? thanks!
    Just allow profiling and...let my have my CCW and I'll be responsible for my own safety!
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    I lost interest when they said the criminals would not be permanently harmed...

    Anyway, it takes 2 electrodes to deliver a shock. All one has to do is put some tinfoil under the bracelet, bridging both electrodes. The current will follow the path of least resistance (the foil) and never flow through the wearer. This will likely let the smoke out of the electronics too.
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    Maybe just slip a piece of plastic under the bracelet to insulate the device from you skin rendering it useless????
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    I hoped this was a joke. Unfortunately it is not. They even promote some letters of interest from Homeland Security on their website. This is so troubling it makes my hair hurt.
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