Reflections on "Gun-Free" zones

Reflections on "Gun-Free" zones

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Thread: Reflections on "Gun-Free" zones

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    Reflections on "Gun-Free" zones

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    just put this together...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Reflections on "Gun-Free" zones-sittingducks.jpg  

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    I rather like your post!
    Very nice.
    Puts it quite well!
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    Uh! Sorry! That one on the park bench is not a valid sign.

    It's still roast duck for dinner.

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    I didn't know that fish and ducks could read...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridgeline View Post
    I didn't know that fish and ducks could read...
    Duh. Fish travel in schools. Not sure about ducks though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    Duh. Fish travel in schools. Not sure about ducks though.
    Those are Southern White Ducks...known as "Quackers"...
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