The worst day of my life,, SO FAR.

The worst day of my life,, SO FAR.

This is a discussion on The worst day of my life,, SO FAR. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; As yall know I WAS deployed to Afghanistan for 15 months. Well I got back this morning. My lovely wife was there waiting on me ...

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Thread: The worst day of my life,, SO FAR.

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    As yall know I WAS deployed to Afghanistan for 15 months. Well I got back this morning. My lovely wife was there waiting on me and I could tell something was bothering her. Well 4 hours later I finally get released from the company when she tells me that about 4 and a half hours ago her friend went to check on the house. It was about 0230 when he went over to the house to find that someone had broken in. She tells me not to be mad and that she knows I am going to flip out. She tells me that someone broke in and stole all my weapons/Ammo, some things out of packages I mailed home and all the booze out of the fridge. Well here I am after dealing with the local law enforcement sitting here with and old 20 Gauge and an INOP 12 Gauge. The scum that broke into my house tried to take our NEW
    46" Flat screen, the took my NEW .308 custom rifle (1000.00) my 1911 (1100) my Mossberg 500 Breaching 12 Guage (wedding present) and my Marlin Model 60 (the first firearm my father gave me) along with about 200 worth of booze to celebrate 15 months of not getting myself killed. Well I guess its time to go get more weapons while I try to let my homeowners insurance screw me out of some money. The ONLY THING I am thankful for is that my wife wasnt home to be hurt. Ok I just had to vent sorry yall.

    I also forgot to mention that they also got away with my VMII. I guess I will have to order another one and wait 6 months.

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    Wow. That's horrible.

    I hope they catch the little (can't think of any forum-acceptable words to go here) thief ASAP and string him up by the (can't think of any forum-acceptable words to go here) in the public square.

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    Well Iam glad that you and your wife are safe..the rest can be replaced even though it is such a violation when someone steals your stuff,on your own turf.
    At least you will have a good excuse to purchase new guns!

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    Sorry to hear that, I had something very similiar happen when I got back from Iraq...Except in my case it was my theiving ex-wife.
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    Sorry for your losses,hang tough with the insurance company as they are a
    band of thieves when it comes to paying losses.Don't accept their first offer.
    Thank you ! for service to our country I appreciate it! I hope they catch the bad guys who did this to you.

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    Glad your wife is okay, and hopefully some of the weapons can get tracked down and your insurance company won't screw you over.

    Glad you're back home safely.


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    I'm sorry. No one should have to go through that, especially not on the day you come home from a war. Cliche as it sounds, remember that they're just things, you and your family are safe, all else can be replaced. Thank you for your service and we're glad you're home.
    - Kurt
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    Man, that just !!!
    But on the bright side, you get to buy some new guns!! The most important thing is that you and your wife are safe, all the rest in life is just stuff. They were kind enough to leave you the 20 GA, so if they come bank around you got'em!
    Thank You for your service, we appreciate it!
    "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier
    and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the
    service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the
    love and thanks of man and woman."

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    I am very sorry to hear about what happened and I know it is extremely frustrating, angering, scary, annoying, inconvenient, and just generally would p -off anyone that happened to.

    I urge you to put the event into a slightly different perspective. You called it the worst day of your life. I truly hope that you understand that what happened is very far from the kinds of things that constitute the worst days in our lives.

    This is a time to count your numerous blessings (even if you are an atheist). You came home alive from a 15 month deployment and with all your parts attached.

    Your wife was still there for you.

    During your time overseas no one died in an auto accident, discovered they have cancer, swallowed a bottle of pills, and so on.

    What happened to you and your wife is a big deal. It isn't a catastrophe.

    My grandfather used to distinguish between two types of "troubles." "Healthy troubles and unhealthy troubles." A break in, a lost job, a divorce, fell in the category of "healthy" troubles. The stuff that really makes for 'the worst day in a life' are the health problems which are life threatening.

    Try to smile and go about about putting things back in a calm and cheerful manner. You already know that the truly worst day in your life might have happened had your wife been home. Rejoice in your good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magilla82ABN View Post
    As yall know I WAS deployed to Afghanistan for 15 months. Well I got back this morning. My lovely wife was there waiting on me and I could tell something was bothering her.
    On the good side, you seem to have a wife who is devoted and cares about you and your sensibilities. That is a good thing.
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    First, thank you and your wife for your service to our country!

    I know it's hard to understand now, but it could have been far worse, if someone had been at home when the break in occured. If you or a family member had a dreaded disease or injury.

    Enjoy the welcome home from friends and family, don't let this ruin it. Someday it will just be an annoying footnote to "when I came home from the war".


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    That is a terrible thing to come safely home from war to.
    Nothing like making it home from Afghanistan just to get your place robbed.

    I can imagine how you feel.

    I know you have heard it before but, "things" can always be replaced so just happy that your Wife was not home when it happened and that nobody was killed or injured.

    Your homeowners should treat you fairly.
    I (for sure) would mention to them that you just got back from serving our country.

    I'm thinking that you should initially be thinking positively about getting compensated enough from your insurance company to have your items replaced in full.
    Hopefully you'll just get all new stuff and have a nice little shopping spree.

    I don't think they will try to shaft you.

    If they do try to screw you then let us know and we sure will start a forum letter writing campaign and let them know how we all feel about an insurance company that would "stick it to" one of our fighting men.

    We'll either change their mind in a real big hurry or give it our best shot.
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    I had an AR15 And a 1911 plus a lot of ammo stolen by an X friend at the time my renters insurance paid full price on items that were missing,I think the fact i had over 10,000 worth of weapons and only claimed the 2 they stole with the ammo and accesories proved i was being honest.Anyhow they paid full loss price
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    Glad you made it home safe. That's some bad news to come home to. Here's to hoping the thief ND's your 1911 into his face.

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    NOT THE VM2!!! Show the insurance company how they're going for 3 times the price of new for a replacement. Sorry about your loss, but welcome home and thanks for your service!
    82nd Airborne, Ft Bragg 1973-1977 (off and on)
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