Besides guns 'n ammo how prepared are you?

Besides guns 'n ammo how prepared are you?

This is a discussion on Besides guns 'n ammo how prepared are you? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I'm looking to buy an emergency supply of food, not just for SHTF, but for just about any type of natural disaster scenario where I'm ...

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Thread: Besides guns 'n ammo how prepared are you?

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    Besides guns 'n ammo how prepared are you?

    I'm looking to buy an emergency supply of food, not just for SHTF, but for just about any type of natural disaster scenario where I'm alive at the end and the government is still wringing their hands.
    I've stocked a medical kit and water (guns and ammo) and now am looking to food sources. MRE's seem to be a good choice, but as I understand it the government doesn't allow military MRE's to be sold to the general populous, so there are civilian MRE's which aren't quite as good. Whats the general consensus here on what to have how much to have and what ever else you feel is needed?
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    I have found a few MREs available...less than 2 yrs old in a army surplus store here in TN. I have those...ammo, water, wood, etc.
    We're planning on getting a more "normal" food stock in place as finances allow as well.
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    I have six months supply of food stockpiled. Emergency kit in car. Emergency Items stored in Shop as well as the house. I also have resourses available for living off the land. I could live at least a year by harvesting plants and animals off my farm.

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    I keep a couple of weeks worth of groceries, and even more of staples like rice and flour. That is not nearly enough for a SHTF scenario, but I live within walking distance to my parents, and my mother does her own canning and has several months worth of food. My parents also own 200 acres of woodland with tons of wildlife. Bear, deer, moose, plus all the smaller critters.

    As a side note, I'm in the middle of digging up a patch for my garden.

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    3 months of food and other nesscary supplies
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    We can do for about a week before things get real uncomfortable, more if you count the dog. (the family thinks he's just a pet, he, he, he)
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    I got 2 days supply of fudgecicles after that it gets real bad
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    I have about 30 cats and enough CB22 shorts to---well should we say start the preparation on them, heard they taste like chicken.

    Out here in the sticks, we are better prepared to survive than most people.

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    I'm a bit of a survivalist and have supplies that, if rationed, should last several months.
    The first thing I'll run out of is gasoline and I'm working on a way to store more of that.

    A means to obtain and purify water is critical.

    Things that people commonly forget for their emergency supplies are things like toiletries, bedding, medications, some spices and condiments for food, etc... and trading material. A case of vodka makes for excellent bargaining chips when SHTF, I'd imagine, and lasts a very long time....

    This forum has a few great suggested SHTF-kit lists. Also some good stuff over at Main Index - SURVIVALFORUMS.COM - Powered by FusionBB .

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    The Long Life Food Company sells MRE's and MRE components that are vary similiar to the Military version. But for the money, canned goods are less expensive and last just as long.

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    If it is a true SHTF situation then I will get all I need with my guns and ammo......

    If it is just a natural disaster, I have money and if that does not work, I will loose a few pounds......

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    We usually have enough to keep us from getting too hungry for a week or two. This is mostly canned goods, which don't require any additional water to prepare.

    Our emergency supply isn't because of careful planning but because we buy large quantities of an item when it is on sale. This saves a lot of money, but our SHTF diet might be a little boring. Thank God for squirrel and possum!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupcake View Post
    We can do for about a week before things get real uncomfortable, more if you count the dog. (the family thinks he's just a pet, he, he, he)
    Gives a whole new meaning to the term "dog food".
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    I think the survivalist SHTF scenario is virtually an impossibility. Our nation does not depend on any singular system. Our nation is large, spread over a significant land mass. A recent example is Katrina, where people came from all over the United States to help the people in that disaster. Even a nuclear attack on multiple cities would hardly cripple this nation or cause us to wander through the forest (or desert) in Mad Max fashion.

    I think the most important commodity in a disaster scenario is money. Cash is probably enough but in the event of a true catastrophe, silver and gold will rise in importance. Remember that during Katrina, people were selling generators to those who had monetary resources.

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    We can go 2 - 3 months and stay in the house without leaving for anything...
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