Dogs and Training

Dogs and Training

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Thread: Dogs and Training

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    Dogs and Training

    Ok, I know this is WAY off topic, but this is the OFF TOPIC section right? I rescued a 1yr old Pitbull last summer and she's been great so far. She had some issues early on (like attacking you when you try to put her on a long lead). The vet thought she may have been a "bait dog" meaning they didn't fight her, but tied her to a lead and let the fight dogs chase her around to rile them up.

    For the most part she's been good. She's usually very obedient in the home and when she's calm, but when we were out or other dogs were around she would get REALLY wild. She wouldn't attack other dogs or people, more like try to lick them to death, but folks didn't like it(hyper and scary looking). The other issue was that I HAD to keep her on leash outside. She always wanted to run around the neighborhood and inspect everything and everyone which is obviously not good.

    The Solution: The PetSafe Delux Remote Trainer. I LOVE THIS THING! It has a collar like a bark collar and you get a remote to either send audible warning tones or small electrick shocks to the collar. Before anyone screams bloody murder about the's not bad. I tested it on myself first. It has 10 varying levels (1-10) and I tested myself up to 8 before it became slightly...uncomfortable.

    I tested her on it indoors first with a specific plan. I gave her the audible warning tone first... and within 2 seconds Shocked her on the #2 setting. The reason was so that she would associate the warning tone with a shock to follow shortly. Once outside in the fenced in part of the yard we began training with it. I would give her her ok command allowing her to roam. When she reached the distance I allowed her I would call her back. The first time she came back without needing any tones or shocks. Second time she decided to be stubborn so I gave her the tone...which she ignored...then the shock. Third time and ever since...she comes the first time.

    3 days of play with this thing and I actually had her out walking the dirt road in the "neighborhood" off leash and had NO problems. Even when another neighborhood dog came around sniffing she started to get riled up, I gave her the audible tone and she came running right back and stayed at my side, totally ignoring the other dog.

    PETSAFE Delux Remote Trainer. Can't say enough about it. It helped get done in 3 days the last bit of trouble I just couldn't seem to get her out of in 6 months.

    And the kicker now is that she likes the darn collar! She's associated the tone/shock collar with freedom outside (ie playing in the yard and out walking sans leash). When she's ready to go out...she goes to the collar.

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    One question i have is it legal to have a dog off leash where you live and #2 they have had training collars around for many years for hunting dogs,the problem is the dogs get to know when they have the collar on by the difference in weight so they actually made a dummy weighted collar so dog couldn't tell.They are a great tool ,and don't ever try 10 unless you like urinating all over yourself
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    i use

    i have the sport dog 400 1-8 setting i have been using and i am a lifetime member of sitmeanssit school and i am trying my doberman
    to be an attack and a lover i have to say we started a 3 1/2 months
    old and it has been 1.5 month an it is like night and day..
    my wife was not to hip to use a shock cooler but after we had the trainer come out and give a demo she was sold ,,the member ship
    was not cheap but if u want a great dog that listens and minds u and no liability then u owe it to the dog and the public to train a 150 plus pound dog so i have to say i think it is a great tool,,oh yea she minds with or with out the cooler on,,u have to train to ignore distractions and then train to do the same task with or without the cooler

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    I have a wireless fence, and a contain and train unit for my Boxer 90lbs, I love the thing!!
    White flags marked the yard and after 1 week were no longer needed.
    He would try to run through it at first, after a few warnings and a few zapps that problem was fixed!! I'm sold and will have one for now on.

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