I wouldn't be surprised if it was over a pair of sneakers

By JENNIFER LEBOVICH jlebovich@MiamiHerald.com

A Miami-Dade police officer shot and killed a man in Goulds Sunday night.

The officer was responding to a report of theft at Southland Mall and mall secruity directed the officer to a location near Southwest 117th Court and 224th street, police said.

A uniformed officer tried to arrest the man when ''a struggle ensued,'' said Det. Juan Villalba, a spokesman.

The officer fired. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. His name was not released and little additional information was available late Sunday.

The incident occured around 7 pm.

Witnesses said they saw police chasing a man, heard what sounded like a shot and then saw an officer performing CPR on a person on the ground.

Allan Peterkin, 23, said he was sitting in his sister's yard when he saw a white car pull up to a man selling T shirts. Police cars then pulled up with the whit car.

''He took off running,'' he said of the man. ``I heard a pop and then saw an officer giving the guy CPR. Another officer came running out with his gun. The officer was shaken.''

Peterkin said he recognized the man who was shot from the nieghborhood.