Starting a neighborhood watch

Starting a neighborhood watch

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Thread: Starting a neighborhood watch

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    Question Starting a neighborhood watch

    Iíve always been a personal security kind of guy. My house is secure, my family is secure and Iím suspicious of everyone (to an extent). Just because Iím paranoid, doesnít mean they arenít out to get me. Since the birth of my son 9 months ago, Iíve been more interested in community safety. Iíve lived in my house for 3 years and I know my 2 immediate neighbors well and maybe 3 others. This is my own fault due to being a little anti social. I am interested in starting a block watch in my area though. I looked on the city ďAssociation of neighborhoodsĒ site, emailed the head guy and found out there is no group for my area. Upon his suggestion, I attended the ďAoNĒ meeting last week. This was of limited use to me. I went on the National Crime Prevention Council website, Neighborhood Watch — National Crime Prevention Council, and downloaded a bunch of PDF files for info. I also looked up the National Sex offenders registry for more info, National Sex Offender Registry. I guess I have to make some copies, come up with a plan of action and go out and meet my neighbors, door-to-door. I also have to get in contact with the LEO incharge of these groups and see if he has any more info for me.

    Has anyone done this? Is anyone a member of a block watch group? Iím not the most outgoing guy but, I feel the need to keep our quite, nice neighborhood, quite and nice.

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    Here is a reference you might find helpful from Tempe AZ. Neighborhood Watch Program. It includes information on:
    Neighborhood Watch Manual
    Neighborhood Watch, What is it ?
    How to start a Neighborhood Watch
    The First Meeting
    Receiving & Keeping Your Neighborhood Watch Signs
    You Are On Your Way
    Reduce The Risks (Home Security)
    Check the crime stats in your neighborhood

    Good luck
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    I find that most people are really not interested in a crime watch program...REALLY INTERESTED...until someone's home gets broken into...then only if it's within walking distance from their own home...

    I find that having a closer relationship with 'some' neighbors' (open to self-defense steps) who understand the need for weapons, a SHTF plan, and a realistic view of CCW to be a situation where I know who I can depend upon.

    Several of our neighbors share info on how to access each other's houses...they watch for open garage doors, etc.

    We have our own form of a neighborhood watch without one of them 'Neighborhood Watch' signs which don't really mean much.

    Good luck with your efforts and search.

    Stay armed...stay alert...form neighborhood relationships...stay safe!
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    In all likelihood your local police or Sheriff's department has someone who works with Neighborhood watch. They will be more than willing to help you start one up or put you in touch with a group in your area if there is already one going.

    I am involved in getting one started right now. As part of that all the Block Captains have the cell phone number of our Sheriff's Chief Deputy and the Commander of the Patrol Division of Sheriff's Dept.

    We have regular meetings which are attended by one or both of these Officers.

    The posted signs mean as much as the community makes them mean. It's your community. Take ownership and make it what you want it to be.

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    Neighborhood Watch groups are a good idea and have been proven to reduce crime time and time again.

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