Personal defense is not always just the violent kind. I just went through a house fire.
Our stuff pretty much made it, mostly all smoke damage. But the disruption of our lives led to living with my brother for a month, and searching for a new place.
Because we're of the mindset of being prepared, I actually had renters insurance, and have saved a lot of money and headaches because of it.
I learned to:
- Have a firesafe box! put in insurance papers, passports, etc.
- Have an inventory! Pictures and receipts help.
- Always be ready! what you have now, can be destroyed tomorrow, or even in another minute. I had settled into the couch after a hard workout when the fire happened, I was condition white, all defenses were up.
- Have a plan! I'm leaving the place I was living in because I had to fiddle with a skeleton key to get myself out safely.

The fire started outside, from an undetermined source. That makes me feel very comfortable

I just wanted to throw this out there, a reminder to take stock of all of the threats to ourselves and our family.