Thinning of the pool.

Thinning of the pool.

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Thread: Thinning of the pool.

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    Thinning of the pool.

    05-02 Motor Thieves. In the Florida Everglades a car thief was trying to evade the Miccosukee (Seminole) Indian Reservation police. It was nighttime and the man slipped into a pond to try and hide. He didn't see the "Live Alligator" sign and was eaten by "Poncho," a huge gator belonging to the Indians.

    Two Mexican men were caught in Chico CA trying to break into a car. When questioned, the Latinos said the keys were locked inside. The men had stolen the car in San Jose and driven it to Chico where they were apprehended. The police found the car keys in one of their pockets. Cheech and Chong live!

    In Reno, NV Rudy Aguas, 25, was fleeing from the cops after his carjacking attempt failed. He ran into a building under construction and became trapped in freshly poured concrete.

    A Sheboygan, WI a teen stole a used snowmobile from a dealer lot after hours. He then drove it during the night until it started running badly. So he dropped it off the next morning to be repaired - even before the theft was discovered. The VIN tipped off the dealer that it hadn't been sold and the teen was busted.

    In Vernon, British Columbia, a 20-year-old man sat in the getaway car listening to the radio while his accomplice, a 53-year-old man, robbed a CIBC bank. But when the man jumped in the car, the radio had run down the battery and it wouldn't start. The men tried to flee but were quickly captured because the bank is located in the same building as the Royal Mounted Police.

    In Chattanooga TN, Robert Hickey Jr. was trying to escape from a Hamilton County sheriff's deputy and fled into nearby woods. It was nighttime and he fell into a well and was caught yelling for help
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    You just have to hope these people aren't having kids..
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