Calling all grillmasters: the Big Green Egg

Calling all grillmasters: the Big Green Egg

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Thread: Calling all grillmasters: the Big Green Egg

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    Calling all grillmasters: the Big Green Egg

    What on earth is the Big Green Egg?


    Everybody keeps asking us what we're wanting for wedding presents. We have just about everything and we're going to have a massive yard sale to purge duplicates, so we really don't need anything. I mean, who wants to end up with a half dozen toasters? (A co-worker keeps saying, "Plasma TV! Plasma TV!") We're not registered at any store - we just don't feel like making people feel obligated to get us anything.

    But Mrshonts has decided to get a grill, the cost to be split between both set of parents. We were wandering around the Home Depot Design Expo store, looking at all the grills, when the salesguy says, "you gotta see this."

    It's The Big Green Egg, and has the reputation for being a very fine grill and smoker. I'm leaving the steaks to Mrshonts - I want to make some swordfish, salmon and shrimp!

    If anybody has one and can offer testimonials, please share. If you want to share your favorite grill, do that do! Are there huge differences between a grill and a smoker? Is one better than the other?
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    a grill with a smoker means ya can smoke the flavor in, Mmmmm good! I like to grill odd things like cornish game hens, venison and the like. Although your salmon and swordfish sounds really good too.

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    Cheapskate here Betty - just a real basic job for us. But we do like grilling steaks even during winter, just for the flavor.

    Your choice would seem to give a very versatile option but wonder whether the cooking space inside is as much as some others. Certainly seems very fuel efficient which is good and I must say - charcoal is preferred to propane which is all we have.
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    I don't own a 'Big Green Egg', but I can talk about the differences between a smoker and a grill.

    Grill's cook at a higher temprature, closer to the fire than a smoker does. Grill's sear the outside of the food. For things you don't want to slow cook (like seafood), grills may give better results.

    Smoking takes more time and effort. No such thing as a gas smoker :) The smoking process slow cooks meats, allowing them to take on the flavor of the smoke. Bits of wood (I like apple, other people use Mesquite, hickory, et al) added to a small charcoal fire enhance the flavor.

    For your seafood, a good charcoal grill may be a better choice than a smoker. For brisket, sausage, ribs, thick steaks, whole chickens, nothing quite like the taste of smoked meats.

    From the advertisements, it appears that the 'Big Green Egg' can be used as a grill or a smoker... might be a good choice. There seems to be a fairly active board on the subject at :)
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    Some smokers allow you to lower the grill closer to the coals to convert to a grill. I suspect that is what the BGE does. I prefer a cheap weber grill for grilling - no gas here and a smoker for smoking (again no gas). And there is a difference between grilled fish with smoke and SMOKED fish. If you just want to cook fish with some smoke - buy a grill, moves the coals to one side, the fish to the other, and throw some applewood or hickory (or whatever you like - I prefer applewood with fish) on the coals.

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    Got to go with Chris. I've been using the same Weber 22" grill for (Oh my GOD!! That long??) over 20 years!!

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    Tip for grillers: 2 minutes before removing the meat, throw a nice branch (4-5 inches) of freshly cut rosemary to the charcoals and cover the grill so the smoke doesnt go away. Try it and let me know how you like it.
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