Who is the best for domestic flights?

Who is the best for domestic flights?

This is a discussion on Who is the best for domestic flights? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This might seem a bit strange but after surfing united.com, nwa.com and the old delta.com I have only got even more confused.. Who is the ...

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Thread: Who is the best for domestic flights?

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    Who is the best for domestic flights?

    This might seem a bit strange but after surfing united.com, nwa.com and
    the old delta.com I have only got even more confused..

    Who is the best air carrier for domestic flights and earing flight miles- both in the air and on the ground..

    Am currently enrolled with United..Any suggestions and experiences with any of the big carriers, both good and bad.

    I was thinking of the new Delta after the merged with northwest,but their
    flight miles program is up and running yet..


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    Honestly, they all stink now. I choose the one that is going where and whn I need to, and leave it at that.
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    I have to do a fair bit of flying, and a bit of it on my own dime for leave and such. I honestly just use one of the discount websites and find the best price on the flight I need.

    I have a friend that had a decent plan with NW, don't know about since their merger with Delta though.
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    Continental! They are the only air carrier these days that give you free food

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    +1 to doing research.

    Whenever I need to fly, I check Orbitz, Expedia, Cheapfares.com, Priceline.com, in addition to checking the websites for the carriers themselves - sometimes you can get internet discounts or a waived reservation/convenience charge. There's also a "flexible schedule" option that tells you if certain days are cheaper to fly than others.

    Yeah, it takes an hour, but if it saves me $100 or more, it's time well spent.

    You could even try calling a travel agency or rep at the airline and saying "Acme Airline offered me $XXX but I like you guys, can you meet it?" (tell them $XXX is $50 less than the lowest fair you've found... you'll be surprised how often they'll say yes, especially at the last minute).

    With the airline industry the way it is, you can haggle a lot.

    Personal experience? I've flown United, NW, Delta, Alaska, Hawaiin, etc... and haven't really had any negative experiences I can blame on the airline themselves. Lost luggage once (Alaska), plane full of sick people a few times...

    Sorry for the long, rambling post. Can't sleep, surfing forums.

    Pete Zaria.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Zaria View Post
    Sorry for the long, rambling post. Can't sleep, surfing forums.
    Thanks for the interesting post. Can't sleep, surfing forums.
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    Know the feeling..way to many chocolate covered espresso beans from TJs.....
    Thats why I wanted input on air carriers..i kind of like to be with one carrier in hope to get some benefits..

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    If you want perks then pick the carrier with the most flights to where you fly the most, basically which airline hubs from your "home" airport.

    The best program doesn't help if you can't fly them conveniently. I've been told that Delta is the best if you get their credit card and keep it paid off. Of course if you live near Chicago, you won't have as many flight choices on Delta as you would on United.
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    +1 (or how many it is up to now) for checking the discount websites.

    Also, if you have plenty of time before your trip, and your days are somewhat flexible, play around with different combinations of departure days and times.

    I did this when my family and I flew roundtrip from Vt to SC, and was able to get 4 tickets with travel insurance, and 8 days of car rental for under $1,000.

    The prices seemed to be somewhat cyclical. The first day I searched I found that price, then I went to show my wife the next day and it had gone up. I checked every day for 3 weeks, and watched the price change several times, going up as high as $1400 for the same package, before finally getting back down to the lower price.

    So, if you have the time, you might get a better deal.

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    I fly US Scare...err Air frequently since its hub is Phila. Haven't had any terrible experiences but like mentioned before all airlines are about equally worthless.

    One smaller, regional airline I would recommend though is Midwest. Never had a probelm with them, amble seating room, and they give you hot cookies.
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    How about Qantas?

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    Charlie: QANTAS?
    Raymond: Never crashed.
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    Being close to DFW and Love Field, I fly AA and SWA, The only thing I look at is which (of any) can get me where I want, when I want, directly non-stop at the lowest fare. Otherwise, I'm in the 1,000,000 mile club at AA.
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