Bear in Battle Creek

Bear in Battle Creek

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Thread: Bear in Battle Creek

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    Exclamation Bear in Battle Creek

    From Enquire and News I wonder if they Called the DNR first, the Bear one looks small enough they should have put a leash on it instead.

    Bear picture

    Bear picture
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    AAAWWW. He's just a little fella. Round here we use those kinda bears for bait.
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    Crack shots? NOT...

    It seems to me like that little bear wouldn't have been to aggressive until they HIT WITH A CAR, AND SHOT IT FOUR TIMES, and then let it get away??????????????????

    Doesn't seem like a good plan to me. Bears roam quite a distance (unlike deer). Every once in a while, we would have one out on the playground (kids stayed inside) where I worked as a school administrator in Michigan's U.P. The DNR was called, but the black furry visitors never came back after a sighting. Just don't feed them...

    That bear still had diapers on...
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    Just saw another bear attack victim on the TV today.

    The guy "played dead" and the bear eventually lost interest in him but he got messed and mauled up pretty bad.

    Said he could hear the beast crunching on his skull and most of the top of his scalp got torn off.

    He remembers thinking he was too young to die...and was hoping that the bear would kill him quick if it was going to kill him.
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    A guy just got mauled by a Grizzly at a project that I was visiting last year, the area has 150 Grizzlies living around a small village!!! My friend up there has a Grizzly sow denning 400m from his place, he is one the few with a carry licence and his revolver is a .454 Casul.

    We get blacks in our yard a few times a year and cougar sightings nearby as well, I often pack the 1911 when the kid is playing outside.

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    That's an awfully small bear! They are lucky "mom" wasn't around.

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    I was just in town Friday night too!! 4 shots to kill the thing?? Dang, sounds like someone needs to learn where the vital zone is. And hitting it with the patrol car? Wait until PETA gets a hold of this one.

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