Let's Talk Man Bags

Let's Talk Man Bags

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Thread: Let's Talk Man Bags

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    Let's Talk Man Bags

    Ok, I have found that I have two new requirements for baggage and I am turning to you folks to see if any of you have some ideas...

    Bag 1: A every day carry semi professional bag. This one should be a satchel, with lots of organization if possible. I would like leather. I have some but they are not quite professional enough for me, and I sometimes feel like a kid carrying them, but I don't want to look like a dandy carrying it. I would like it to have a good thick pad on the strap, and maybe some carrying handles. If you have any ideas that fit some of those criteria, please PLEASE show me :)

    Bag 2: I want to pack a bag that I can use for my everything goes bag. Basically I want a day pack that is along the lines of my BFM for a three day pack. I want that to attach to a larger framed ruck that can be used for a week and has more room for clothes, sleeping bag, maybe a tent. Basically I want something I can attach a BOB to sense I have so much crap that I don't wnat to have 2 of and dont want to have to repack when I go camping or whatever.

    So anyway, there it is. I am a man and I like bags...

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    Check out Max-Pedition.

    Filson has a few that are fairly strongly built, with monstrous zippers and several sizes to choose from.
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    Here is a thread I started, its not exactly what you are asking for, but there are some really good suggestions that will fill your need;

    "Just blame Sixto"

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    Anyone got anything else? I really figured someone around here would have a good call on something like the modular bag. Thanks though.

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    I recently got away from the tacti-cool nylon look. Now I EDC a Saddleback Leather large briefcase. It's the last bag I will ever need to buy. Register at Usual Suspect Network and check out the Pack Ratz section

    For bag #2 maybe the TAD Gear Fast Pack. It seems to have a huge following and a proven record.
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    Paladin, If your looking for the best bags your money can buy, you really need to check out RED OXX they are 100% made in the USA in a small manufacturing company that is right next door to there retail store. Quality control and costumer service are there priority's. They will also custom make to your designs and input. I will be having them make a custom case for my AK47.
    If you like one of there designs but want different colors they will do that as well.
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