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This is a discussion on I Remember When................... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I remember joining the Marines in 1965 and getting paid $87.90 a month. I got a raise to $97.50 a month when I made E-2. ...

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    I remember joining the Marines in 1965 and getting paid $87.90 a month. I got a raise to $97.50 a month when I made E-2. Very few men owned a car and most lived in an open squad-bay barracks on the base.

    My first good civilian job when I got out of the Corps in 1969 paid $100 a week. On that pay, I made a house payment and supported my wife and daughter.


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    Quote Originally Posted by aepilotjim View Post
    I can remember programming, in Basic
    I can remember programming in assembler using an ASR33 as an I/O device and paper tape for storage.
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    I can remember earning $10,000 in one year and telling my wife I couldn't see ever needing to earn more than that. She straightened me out pronto.
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    My first contract in education brought in $6,100 for a year.
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    As a Corporal in Viet Nam I made $168.60 a month plus $55 combat pay. The kicker was that the $223.60 a month was all tax free.


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    I remember when Red Dawn was the greatest film ever made.

    A good Sunday afternoon was my friend coming over after Church, and we would spend the rest of the day with our toy guns and fighting the "Red Army".
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Copies teachers handed out of the worksheets for school were in purple ink
    Sniiiiiiiiiiffffffffffff. Oh yeah, I will never forget that smell.

    I remember the local government putting up decorations for Christmas on the street lamps and cross wires over the street, not just stores to promote their sales.

    The 7-11 had a row of 1 cent candy, mostly root bear barrels, and other hard candy. Collecting bottles and turning them in at the local grocery store.

    We had a "Soda Shop" you picked up a wooden create, went through and picked out 24 assorted flavors, took them home, and when you brought them back, you get a credit on the next case.

    What soft drink had the guy swinging a golf club on the can. My uncle had a shop/towing company, he always kept some in the fridge for us kids.

    Soft drink cans had pull tops, not pop tops.
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    OK, I'll add another...

    The first photo-copier we ever had was just that:
    We had to put a peice of photo paper on the drum, take a picture or the original, and wet develop the paper in a tray under the copier. There was also a "squeegee" to wipe the excess liquid from the copy.

    I also still have one of the first Polaroid cameras; black & white, 60 seconds to develop, and you had to "fix" the photo with a chemilcal when done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonInNY View Post
    More elegant:

    10 FOR J=1 to 1000000
    20 PRINT J
    30 NEXT J
    40 END

    Or if you had a Radio Shack Trash-80, it could be done on one line:

    10 FOR J=1 to 1000000:PRINT J:NEXT:END
    Good lord...

    100 call clear
    110 for i = 1000000 to 1 step -1
    120 print i
    130 next i
    140 print "All Done"
    150 call sound(500,200,30)

    I owe my current lifestyle to that 'ol TI99/4A...
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    I got one. honest..

    I remember when I was at the babysitters place and she would send us down to the gas station to buy her smokes.

    It was between 1987-88

    I was born in 1980 if that matters...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmidkiff View Post
    Good lord...

    I owe my current lifestyle to that 'ol TI99/4A...
    I had one of those! Did you have the speech synthesizer and the expansion box?? I always thought that was a great little computer, it was really amazing what you could do with 16k of memory!

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    My community in GR MI had "Blue Laws" - no work on Sundays. Only the atheists in the neighborhood mowed their lawns or hung their laundry on Sunday. We had one of the LAST McDonald's int the nation to be closed on Sunday. This was circa 1982.

    Pong videogame
    the early days of MTV
    b&w TVs
    Watching Pete Rose break the hitting record
    Reel-to-reel recorders
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    I remember when people were not afraid to get involved. I remember when people cared about their neighbors and were not worried about getting sued for trying to help somebody out.

    I remember having a scruffy guy knock on our door at 2 a.m. because he ran out of gas. I remember my Step-dad getting dressed, driving him to the gas station, paying for the gas, and bringing him back to his car. I also remember about two weeks later when the guy stopped by the house to pay him back.

    I remember when criminals were more worried about what the average citizen would do to him than what the police would do to him. They knew the police had rules.

    I remember when a neighbor lost someone close to them, the neighborhood would pitch in with costs, work, and food. I remember a time when people helped people instead of depending on the government to solve all of their problems.

    I remember a better America than the one we live in now.
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