I Remember When...................

I Remember When...................

This is a discussion on I Remember When................... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I thought I start a thread just for the fun of it to see how old we really are. So I'll start!!!!! I remember when ...

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Thread: I Remember When...................

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    I Remember When...................

    I thought I start a thread just for the fun of it to see how old we really are. So I'll start!!!!!

    I remember when cell phones weighed 5 Lbs and were the size of surround sound speaker, gas was $.64 and you would fill up and get change of a ten dollar bill, when McDonalds were not stingy with their fries, and I remember when 15 inch wheels were the wheels of choice.

    Your go.

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    I remember when .22 LR was less than fifty cents a box and even though I was only 12 years old I could buy 'em myself at the hardware store.
    Along the same lines: We used to have Christmas programs in grade school and were allowed (expected!) to sing religious Christmas songs. After the program we exchanged gifts with our classmates. I once got two whole boxes of .22 ammo.
    Imagine either one of those things happening in a school now.
    I'm a child of the 60's, but I got over it.

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    I remember when gas was .28 a gallon, and someone pumped it for you, cleaned your windows, checked your oil and tire pressure. I remember all the kids in the neighborhood playing hide and seek, and kick the can until dark. I remember walking along the creek with my trusted Daisy BB gun, and no one freaking out about it. I remember going to the drug store and getting a fountain soda and paying .05 for it. I remember going to the movie with a dollar, paying for the movie, popcorn and candy and still having change when I got home. Yeah, I guess I am getting old!
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    I remember paying 18 cent for a bottle of coke ;16 oz.

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    I could put gas in my 'old' VW Bug for $.16 a gallon...
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    Some things have gotten better, if that is the right word?

    Texas Instruments SR-15 calculator: size of a brick, with digits 1-0, square, square root, y to the x power, +, -, x, /, M+, M-, MRC, C, CE, and =...all for $249.99.

    I'm not certain it has been worth the trade-off....

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    When I started buying gasoline for my first car it was 42 cents/gal for PREMIUM....& the car only got 8mpg!

    -When I was in single digits, I was outside from light til dark.
    -TVs only had a couple of channels & they were black/white & FUZZY.
    -You could go to McDonalds & get a burger, fries & a drink for under a buck.
    -I also carried a BB gun with me everywhere.
    -Men wore hats, women dresses & kids were polite to adults. (Yes Sir...Yes Maam!)
    -Snacks like chips were rare & a treat (now they are a staple.).
    -Mom would use the stale bread to make 'French toast'.
    -If you screwed up in school, you got spanked TWICE, once at school & again when you got home!
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    I remember when gas was 19 cents a gallen, a pack of cigarettes were 19cents and you could get a hambuger for 19 cents at Bobs hamburger in Eugene Oregon. I remember when a loaf of white bread was 5 cents, and you could get a large Tootsie Roll for 5 cents. I remember when Oregon buisness paid a penny for each Beer Bottle, a nickle for each pop bottle and a quarter for quart size soda bottles. I remember when you got full service at a service station; gas pumped, windows washed, oil checked, tire preassure checked. I remember when children were allowed to work in the produce fields and were paid the same rate as adults.I remember when Minimum wage was $.75 an hour. I remember when I could take my .22 to school so I would have it to hunt rabbits and squirrels on my way home for the dinner pot, I was 7 at the time. I remember when a 1911 military surplus could be bought in the surplus store for $10.00. I think I am getting old.

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    I remember when a candy bar was a nickel and filled your hands, and a comic book a dime.

    Full service gas stations washed your windows, checked your air and oil, premium gas was 115 octane and cost 15 cents a gallon at the expensive gas station.

    Gas wars and 8 cent a gallon regular.

    When you went on vacation you never locked your house because the neighbors would water the plants, and pick up your mail while your were gone.

    When every boy got guns cap or BB for their birthday, and Howdy Dudy was the No 1 show on your Black N White TV, and we were all sure we would have flying cars when we grew up...
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    Quote Originally Posted by falcon1 View Post
    Some things have gotten better, if that is the right word?

    Texas Instruments SR-15 calculator: size of a brick, with digits 1-0, square, square root, y to the x power, +, -, x, /, M+, M-, MRC, C, CE, and =...all for $249.99.

    I'm not certain it has been worth the trade-off....
    Got a chuckle out of that one...mine was a TI-50, with very small red numerals...$200...to replace my slide ruler (now how many remember a slide ruler?) or doing math the old fashion way...with a pencil.


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    I remember 5 cent stamps (no such thing as email). 19 cent gas wars, and my first new car a '68 Malibu SS for about $2,400. I remember riding my bike with friend (5 or 6 of us) across town to the local swimming pool, and to the Saturday matinee with a dollar which got me in including popcorn, drink, and maybe a BIG pickle, then watching "Porkchop Hill, Rodan and a lot of the DUKE. A few years later I remember drive in movies, and the strange phenomenon that would never be explained of the windows fogging up :) I remember very early on spending the night camped out with friends out in the country and plunking all day with my favorite single shot 22. I remember hanging out after dark and never once worried about some perv trying to pick us up, however, the local cops would sometimes drive by just to say hi and don't stay out to late as we all gathered around his car with the bubblegum machine on top. I remember Dragnet and "just the facts", Roy & Dale, Flash Gordon, Sky King, Fury, and cartoons that were actully funny on Saturday morning.

    Oh wow, I guess I am not doing to bad since I can still remember ... the truly good ole days.
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    I remember playing "pick up" baseball in an empty lot. You just walked around the neighborhood announcing that you were starting up a game and anyone and everyone was welcome.

    When everyone was gathered up, two captains were established. You took turns picking who you wanted. No body wanted to be the last one.
    You grabbed a bat, held it straight up and placed your hand on the bottom. The other captain placed his hand above yours and the last captain with his hand on the bat got to choose whether to bat first or play the field.

    It didn't matter if didn't know someone or not, you got to know them after a few games. Playing baseball, kids got hurt like usual, nobody's Mom got irate, no one worried about getting sued.

    Since my house was close to the lot, my Mom would usually be the first to attend to any injury's. If it required a quick trip to the ER, should would load them up and go. She never received anything other than a "Thank-you" for taking care of someone else's kid and back then it was expected.

    What was known as a "fistfight" was exactly that. Two boys getting into a scrap. For us it was total combat. By that afternoon, or the next day, it was done and forgotten. You would be playing pickup, riding your spider bikes all over town and doing whatever it was that needed doing...whether it was building forts out in the woods are gathering at someone else's house to watch cartoons in the living room.

    After cartoons went off we were out the door. You never ever stayed in the house as long as it was light out.
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    I remember when there was no internet and I had a lot more free time to get stuff done!
    “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”.... Albert Einstein


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    Licorice (the real stuff), penny candy, 12 cent McDonald's, 15 cent gas (during gas wars) and they washed your windshield and checked fluid levels, drive-in theaters, 45 records. I could go on but I think I've given away enough of how old I am.
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    I remember milk in glass bottles with a layer of cream on top being delivered by horse drawn wagon.
    "If we loose Freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the Last Place on Earth!" Ronald Reagan

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