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Cat-astrophy today (knucklehead is gone)

This is a discussion on Cat-astrophy today (knucklehead is gone) within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; While he will never be replaced, it might be a good thing to get another one in a few months. I didnt think I ever ...

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Thread: Cat-astrophy today (knucklehead is gone)

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    While he will never be replaced, it might be a good thing to get another one in a few months. I didnt think I ever wanted another pet after I lost my only (at that time) cat to traffic. However, like you, I found four kittens trapped between sheets of plywood and took them in. That is the litter of four that I still have the remaining two. Been seven or eight years ago now and I am glad I did get more pets.

    Try adopting one from a shelter. There is just something very heart warming about taking one in that is sure to be euthanized. Its like they know the end is near and when you take them in and give them a home, they seem to really appreciate the love.
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    My German shepherd (Buddy) came from a local shelter. He was there from an out of state breeder and apparently he was not sold before the ugly stage hit as he was close to four months old and teething with one bent ear. Best friend I ever had and we sure had alot of fun. His ear straightened out of course and he got to be 110lbs. After a good nine years, he developed some arthritis and then an eye disease which I put eye drops in them daily for ten months to no avail. At ten years I had to lay him to rest as he didn't deserve to suffer any more, and he probably did longer than he should have due to my not wanting to let him go. I make a promise to all of my animals--that they will be buried at home in the shade and not taken off by the vet in a bulk shipment of corpses to be incinerated at some county waste management center without dignity. I dug that hole for him with my own bare hands and shovel in mid October. He still weighed in at 98lbs at the end--that was a big hole, but he deserved that. Lucky will be getting a stone engraved by me in the near future. Buddy and Lucky were playmates at one time and enjoyed each other.

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    RIP kitty :(

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    We had an old yellow tom cat that got under the hood of my truck one Sunday morning. When I started to church, he tried to get out and his flea clooar hung on the radiator drain spigot. I dragged him about a mole before a neighbor flagged me down. Got him out and he was still alive. Finally got intouch with the vet and he met me at his office. After a 3 day stay at the vet's, we brought him home minus most of the hide on his back legs and his butt, but he lived for 3 more years. Had to put him down after his kidneys failed. I still miss that old cat.

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    I know what you mean, Ramrod; I had a cat almost identical to yours and his problem was an affinity for crawling up under the hood of my '95 Dodge ram. Unfortunately, one day when I started the truck, he got caught in the serpentine belt and that was it for him......

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    So sorry for your loss Ram Rod. May you find peace, comfort, and eventually joy in the many memories you shared with your beloved pet.

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    A little food and little water is all they expect but they give alot of LOVE in return. Sorry for your loss.

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    As little as I like cats in general, I have grown quite fond of the two "houserats" my wife insisted we take home, so I sympathize with you.

    Who knows why animals do the things they do. A friend of mine watched his cat jump on the tread of a car while it was moving!
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    I'm very sorry for your loss. Pets are a blessing, and it hurts when they leave us.

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    From one cat lover to another Ramrod, my condolences. I hate to hear what happened to him.

    R.I.P. Lucky.
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