What were they thinking?

What were they thinking?

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Thread: What were they thinking?

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    What were they thinking?

    Search is on for 'Thong Bandits' | News | CW2 Colorado | KWGN-TV

    Search is on for 'Thong Bandits'

    Video shows robbers wearing skimpy panties on their heads as masks

    May 30, 2008

    ARVADA (KWGN) -- Police here want the public's help in identifying two robbery suspects who were captured on surveillance video wearing women's' thong underwear on their heads as masks.

    "You see these two guys wearing, basically, panties over their heads to disguise themselves," said Police Spokeswoman Susan Medina. "But the bottom line is: this is a serious crime."

    It was around 5 a.m. on May 16 when the two suspects were seen lingering outside the door to the Diamond Shamrock convenience store.

    After the clerk told the two men the store was still closed, they smashed through a glass door and began screaming profanities at the clerk. They stole cash and cigarettes and even hit the clerk, who fell to the floor, before they escaped.

    During the entire episode, which was captured by three different surveillance cameras inside the store, the two men were wearing thong underwear--one pair was green, the other blue--on their heads.

    "There's a plethora of disguises out there: ski masks, character costumes," Medina said. "And, if you're going to wear underwear, certainly there are other kinds that would give you a little more coverage."

    Because the thongs are so revealing, police hope that the public can recognize the two suspects' faces from looking at the video. Also noticeable is a large tattoo of a cross on one of the suspect's arms.

    "The clerk was terrified when they broke in and demanded the money," Medina said. "Yes their methods were unorthodox. Panties over your head--very strange. But what they did was very serious and they injured an Arvada resident during the course of this crime."
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    Maybe they liked the smell?

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    quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by morintp View Post
    Maybe they liked the smell?
    Maybe they were at least cleaner than the ones they had on. Smell ........well that is a place I won't go.
    Maybe this is the way you become a butt head.
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    I was thinking of some woman seeing the videos shown on TV... and going...
    "Hey, those are mine". LMAO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    I was thinking of some woman seeing the videos shown on TV... and going...
    "Hey, those are mine". LMAO.
    That line, as good as it is, would be so much funnier delivered by Jeff Foxworthy. Only a redneck accent can appropriately convey the subtle truth of the matter.
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