Would you change the locks?

Would you change the locks?

This is a discussion on Would you change the locks? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My "mature, responsible" daughter apparently lost her house key. Possibly at work. Her keychain is just the key and nothing indicating where she lives. Would ...

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Thread: Would you change the locks?

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    Would you change the locks?

    My "mature, responsible" daughter apparently lost her house key. Possibly at work. Her keychain is just the key and nothing indicating where she lives. Would it be a good idea to change the locks or is that overly cautious?
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    The keys might of been lost or they might of been stolen ,I only have 2 external entry doors and replacing them with new locks is worth the peace of mind P.S. send the bill to responsible daughter
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    I dunno........'failing' to the safer side of disgression, changing the locks wouldn't be a 'bad thing'. I'd , however, standby and supervise said daughter while she performed the required maintiance on the doors. Might solve the issue of 'misplacing' her next house key.

    That's just my line of thinking......... I'm also working on two teenaged daughters who are starting to learn life lessons and the responsability required to live. (read: keep from being grounded)

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    If it is known for a fact that they were lost, then I wouldn't bother. The sad reality is that some scumbag might've stolen them with ill intentions. To eliminate lost keys, i just installed an electronic lock on the front door. Just the regular latch, not the deadbolt. When we are gone during the day that is all we lock. When we are home, (especially at bedtime) we use the deadbolt, just in case the door code is ever compromised. It's worked out well so far.
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    Agree with the others. If you don't know for sure that they were lost or misplaced, I go ahead and do it. The minimal cost is nothing compared to the peace of mind.

    Heck, even if they were just lost go ahead and change the locks. Don't take a chance for $50 or so!

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    Lost Keys??

    Back in the '80s, a student "lost" her keys at the HS where my wife taught.

    Next day when she (The student, not my wife. Our home's burglaries are another story) got home from school, not only were most the family's portable valuables gone -- but they had been hauled away in her new car, which she was not allowed to drive to school, she not being a senior.

    Nuff said, IMHO.

    BTW -- Car recovered a bit worst for wear, most valuables recovered, two perps got a slap on the wrist. They did have to make restitution, however.
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    Change them post haste
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    Change 'em, or if you have a real hardware store close by, just have them re-keyed, it'll be cheaper assuming you have decent locks to begin with.
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    A couple of new locks... $50
    Peace of Mind... Priceless
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    Some hardware stores / locksmiths sell kits to rekey, too: maybe daughter could profit from a locksmithing lesson? She probably was simply careless, but the teacher in me is always looking for opportunities!

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    Change 'em. No need to have you and your spouse worry over if they were lost of stolen and the possibility of having your stuff you you gone.

    It would cost you approx. $50 and about 1 hour to supervise your daughter in changing them out. Not to mention the 20 minute discussion on how important it is to keep up with things like that, do it over a pizza after she changes the locks though, so you can reward her for making it right and have some time alone to talk about the dangers of the World around us.
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    Change the locks, but keep the old ones and their keys. If a key to the new locks gets 'lost', you could re-install the old set. If a BG stole the key to the first set, he would likely have used it by then and thrown it away as useless.
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    Guys, all of you that have said "you can change the locks for $50"...

    Yes, you can get a set of house locks for $50, but they'll be crappy locks.

    Have you ever heard of "bump-keying" ? It's a very simple method of lock picking that only requires a few basic blank keys and a rubber mallet, and will open upwards of 90% of doornob-type locks and almost as many deadbolts.

    Check it out:

    YouTube - Bump Key How Does It Work?

    YouTube - Bump Key HOWTO

    YouTube - Bump Key Lock pick

    Here's a PDF with instructions on how to make one, and even templates.

    Locks that are designed to resist common lockpicking techniques such as bump-keying are more expensive.

    Let's assume a typical house has a total of three exposed doors. Mine, for instance, has a front and back door, and a side door out the garage.
    Each of these doors has a regular doorknob lock and a deadbolt. Total of 3 doorknob locks and 3 deadbolts, right?

    Having just priced it out online, the cheapest I could find a set of keyed-alike, good quality locks that will resist such techniques for my home was $436 shipped (Google Product Search).

    Don't buy $50 locks. Bad idea.

    They're kind of pricy, but if you're going to change them, take a good look at these:
    Kwikset.com - SmartKey They're bump-proof, pick-resistant, and you can re-key them yourself very easily.

    Installing good strike plates, good hinges, and securing the hinges to the frame with Texas-size steel screws are all good ideas. Lock covers and ShatterGuard film on the windows is an even better idea.

    Just my two cents.

    Pete Zaria.
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    My daughter learned... you lose the key... you buy the new locks. She never lost another key.

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    I guess that the shotgun with string tied to door will really mess up a bump key guys day
    "Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country,"
    --Mayor Marion Barry, Washington , DC .

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