Inexpensive Remote light system

Inexpensive Remote light system

This is a discussion on Inexpensive Remote light system within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; For a while now I wanted a inexpensive way to control the outside lights in my backyard. I have to leave town for a couple ...

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Thread: Inexpensive Remote light system

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    Inexpensive Remote light system

    For a while now I wanted a inexpensive way to control the outside lights in my backyard. I have to leave town for a couple of days and although the wife has her gun, knows how to use it and is willing very much to defend herself, I wanted to leave something set up so she could light up the backyard if something went bump into the night. Motion sensor Lights are a no-go due to the cats, dogs, possums and assorted urban wildlife. Today I was ready to rig some system she could start from the bedroom and I went to Lowes with the idea to buy a floodlight, wires, switches, etc. However I bumped into this item

    Westek Handheld Transmitter and Plug In Receiver (Wireless)

    I bought it alongside a outside halogen lamp and I got back to do a quick install. It works great and from anywhere inside my house. The instructions indicate that it holds up to 960 watts and the remote works up to 100 feet. Not bad for $15.
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    I like it.......Think I will go buy one today.
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    that is a good set-up for the bucks !
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    That would be great for turning on a directional flood light down a hallway.
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    I've mentioned it in previous threads, but we live in the country and it is DARK out here. When we drive in at night I want to remotely and unexpectantly turn on some outside floodlights and we drive up to our garage. If a BG is lurking I want to catch him by surprise and I want him to lose his night vision. I think ideas like these remotes etc, but the odds in our favor vs the BG's
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    It's a great idea to keep in the car, and turn on some lights on the way up the driveway!
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