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And Yet Another Pit Bull Attack - 6 Year Old Girl

This is a discussion on And Yet Another Pit Bull Attack - 6 Year Old Girl within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by SelfDefense The issue is no restricting people it is restricting a dangerous breed of animal. In this case it is. In communities ...

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Thread: And Yet Another Pit Bull Attack - 6 Year Old Girl

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    Quote Originally Posted by SelfDefense View Post
    The issue is no restricting people it is restricting a dangerous breed of animal.

    In this case it is. In communities wthout pit bulls they have no pit bull attacks. And let's not start with the gun analogy again. It doesn't hold up to minimal scrutiny. No one commits crimes with pit bulls. You can't carry a concealed pit bull. If irresponsible people blatantly disregard the wishes of the community they will be held accountable and their contraband confiscated. There are already laws preventing ownershp of dangerous animals. Extending it to another proven threat is the responsible thing to do.

    All pit bull attacks begin with a dog that has never mauled anyone before. I find it disingenuous when the defenders use the word bite as if it is some innocent action. Maul, maim, disfigure, kill, disable are far more accurate descritions of a pit bull attack.
    You really have no clue, you think you do but you just don't. Before this breed came to be so widely known and all the trash got one and you had no clue what a pit bull was, was the dog a problem then?

    Why is a there a problem now? People???? Get a clue, you wont solve anything with a ban!

    Read this maybe you might learn something about pits. Feel free to ask questions of the other people there on that board they are all nice people and more then willing to answer hard questions (The post I liked you to is from a man that has been around pits for 40+ if not his entire life) years, I'd say he knows the breed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    In theory,that sounds great.
    However...from your own quote..

    Idiots like that dont follow the law. Period.
    In which case all the law does is restrict people, like me and you, that do follow it.

    Making a law against this or that is not the right answer.

    It does nothing except provide a means of punishment IF they happen to get caught. So if I am a "good" dog owner and my dog has never bitten anyone, why should I be penalized because some yahoo dog on the other end of the state bites somebody?
    Pit Bulls and other attack dogs don't simply bite their victims, they maim and/or kill them. I'm against the private ownership of any exotic or domestic animal that possesses the actual ability and unpredictable temperament to maim and/or kill people. This includes the use of attack dogs by police agencies and the military. If they want to use dogs to sniff out drugs or explosives, train the venerable Beagle to do the job. Snoopy is a good pal of mine.

    Laws need to be in place ready to be enforced against those who refuse to behave responsibly. And owning a breed of dog, or any species of animal that is a known threat to human life is not responsible behavior.

    I am alive and physically intact today because I was in possession of a firearm at the time I was attacked years ago by a vicious animal that the owners - who were present at the time - thought more of than a fellow human being. In fact, if I hadn't been armed with a firearm, these maniacs would have killed me. And then they had the audacity to have me charged with cruelty to animals for which I was arrested two weeks after this ugly incident occurred. But their despicable plan to have me convicted for this ridiculous charge was thwarted by a sensible judge who cleared me, and ordered the State Police to return my firearm.

    My life meant nothing more to these attack dog owners and breeders than does the life of the insects we squash as we walk; probably less. If my views on this topic seem extreme, or unfair to some of you, it's because you've never had to endure what I did on that dark day in my life... And your war experiences don't count, because that was war, not a pubic road near your hometown.
    And Jesus said, "If you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one." (Luke 22:36)

    I am a peaceful man. But I am not a pacifist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    Why not go here and discuss it with them. We could argue about dogs in general ad naseum, and in fact it seems there is a dog thread here weekly that results in mostly the same members arguing the same sides. Dogs and laws on dogs aren't really our focus. However, the forum I linked to does have that as their focus.

    Also as per usual with dog threads this one is flirting with closure due to members getting testy with each other.
    And we've just got there.

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