Grizzly Bear Versus Wolf

Grizzly Bear Versus Wolf

This is a discussion on Grizzly Bear Versus Wolf within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I guess we've all had enough of the Supreme Court for one day, so I figured it's time to watch some video of the antics ...

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Thread: Grizzly Bear Versus Wolf

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    Grizzly Bear Versus Wolf

    I guess we've all had enough of the Supreme Court for one day, so I figured it's time to watch some video of the antics of some furry fuzzy creatures in the wild.

    This is video shot in Glacier National Park showing a sow grizzly bear and 2 cubs contesting the "ownership" of an elk carcass with a gray wolf. It's a stationary camera, so the animals sometimes run out of view. The video is about 5 minutes long.

    Video: Wolf-bear interaction at elk carcass | Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center (NoRock)

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    The wolf actually looked like he was just having a good time...
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    Thank you Captain, now back to the Supreme Court.

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    It looks like the Wolf and cubs are playing
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    Cool video, I am always fascinated with wildlife in nature. Thanks for posting Cap!
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    Excellent even it took me forever to download with dialup.
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    Belligerent cubs.

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    It's always interesting to watch animal behavior when humans aren't present, thanks for posting that. I keep a game cam out year around and bait the area once a week with a bucket of corn. I like to look at the pictures and see what passed by and ate together.

    To me the wolf was wanting to play with the cubs. I remember watching our dog play with her puppies when they got bigger. The wolf and our dog had a lot of the same moves, postures, mannerism's, etc. that demonstrated a playful mode. OTOH Mama bear wasn't interested in the play, though she wasn't as aggressive as I would have guessed, to me she just wanted the wolf to keep a larger buffer from the cubs.

    I got a laugh at the wolf easing up close enough to actually nip at one of the cubs.
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    Very cool. The wolf appears to be wagging his tail he is having so much fun.
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    Great video. It's fun to see wild animals in the wild, without human intervention. There aren't many places where this can be seen.

    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    It looks like the Wolf and cubs are playing
    Though, if momma bear weren't there, I'm sure it would change fairly quickly. After all, the carcass was no longer there.
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