Multi-gun matches anyone?

Multi-gun matches anyone?

This is a discussion on Multi-gun matches anyone? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; How many here have done a multi-gun match before? My club is holding one this Sunday, and since they are supplying the long guns and ...

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Thread: Multi-gun matches anyone?

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    Multi-gun matches anyone?

    How many here have done a multi-gun match before? My club is holding one this Sunday, and since they are supplying the long guns and ammunition----for a mere $15 entry fee, I'm gonna do it. 61 rounds shotgun including 6 slugs, minimum 62 rounds rifle, and minimum 42 rounds pistol. This will be five stages, two of them single gun, the rest multiple. I'd like to hear from those who are into this sort of thing or who have done the 3 gun or multi-gun matches. Is there transitioning from rifle to pistol or vice versa? Can anyone give me a low-down on the scenarios? The provided equipment (firearms) will be foreign to me, but I'm hoping for a Bushmaster and Remington 870............I know where some of my membership dues are going, and I'm not passing up the opportunity. Thanks.

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    At our gun club they are called tactical matches. We bring three guns: a handgun, a shotgun and a pistol caliber carbine. Some stages are all one gun, some are a combo and the situations are as varied as there are tactical scenarios.

    Here are a few of the runs from the last match:

    1. You are behind cover which consisted of two sets of barrels next to each other stacked two high. You had to shoot your pistol at steel about 25 yards away. You have to hit twice. Then walking down the pit, you would see paper targets on your left and right. You had to score 8 points total on each target. Some had no shoots next to the shoots. Head shots are 8, body shots 5, 4, 3 so if you did body shots, you have to add up to 8+ points. Shoot as many times as you want.

    2. You start behind a scaffolding. You shoot a slug at a target about 50 yards down. (Not many hit those. Depends on the sights of your shotgun). Then birdshot on 2 steel targets about 20 ft away. Then you walk down an aisle shooting at steel left and right still with your shotgun. At the end of the run, you show your shotgun empty, put it down, and shoot at steel with your pistol.

    3. Starting with your carbine, you shoot at targets 50 yards down. Then move across the pit to the other side to shoot at a steel target on the other side, about 50 yards down. Moving down the run, you zig zag, taking cover, shooting at the same targets but you close the distance. At the end, you show your carbine empty (mag out, action open) put down the gun and use your pistol to shoot the targets again.

    Each match is different and I do not know what yours will be like. This is just the way we do it here in Orygun. Good luck. They are loads of fun and you get to talk guns with a variety of people from many different professions.
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