Dogs..... when they have protected someone

Dogs..... when they have protected someone

This is a discussion on Dogs..... when they have protected someone within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I would love to hear instances, where the family dog or other incidents you may know of.... where a dog has protected their owner, their ...

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Thread: Dogs..... when they have protected someone

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    Dogs..... when they have protected someone

    I would love to hear instances, where the family dog or other incidents you may know of.... where a dog has protected their owner, their home, or someone else.

    Here's two that occurred with my dogs in the past.......

    Long ago, 3 men just walked into the house... my wife (now Ex) was there and had just walked in... leaving the door open. One of them pinned her up against the wall and their intent was to rape her.

    However, I had 4 medium sized dogs who were loving, great with kids, but also protective .... and the one who thought the world of her was the first one around the corner and into the room. The guy was in the process of tearing off her blouse.... and she had yelled out the dog's name. The dog (Dak) went straight to the guy and chomped down on his genitals..... and didn't let go..... ... and right behind him were the other 3 dogs entering the room... the other 2 men ran out the door. The 3rd one..... ran out once the dog let go of his essentials.

    The thing that really ticked me off..... she instantly called the police. They did not come.... for 45 minutes, and only after I arrived home, found out what had happened, called them and raised hell with the dispatcher that no officer had arrived. This is a small town and only takes 1-2 minutes to drive from one end to the other. The dispatcher... actually told me they were tied up and I asked "doing what?"... and she told me they were busy eating dinner..

    I had a Siberian who liked to run some times and explore.... and we did everything so he couldn't. However, one day my daughter called that he had gotten away from her and was loose. So, I headed home to go look for him. About 10 minutes later she calls me and tells me that she got a call from the police... and they had him and told her ... "she better come and meet them at the school ". She instantly called me and told me ... something is up, this is not normal.

    She went down to a school to meet them. She walks in and there is a mother, a 10 yr old girl, and a 6 yr old boy, and 4 officers... 2 of them writing into their pads. She thought... "uh oh".

    Then one officer told her what our dog had done. The girl was walking home. Some man, unknown to her, got out and ran over to her, grabbed her, and began to force her to his car. She was fighting him.... and screaming, etc... when the Siberian (Timber) came running out from some bushes next to a house, and on a dead run leaped into the middle of the guy's chest .... knocking him flat on his back (90-95 lb solid Siberian on a full run would knock anyone down).

    The guy gets up, and tries to make moves toward the girl again.... but the dog stays between her and the guy, growling at him.... and trying to bite him if he made any move towards her at all. The girl said then the guy tried again... and that was it.... the dog chomped into his calf and began tearing him up.....

    The guy ran for his car with the dog on his backside the whole way.... trying to get him. The guy leaped into his car and raced off. The girl, took our dog (which loves kids dearly) by the collar and walked to the nearby school to get help, and they called the police. Police read the tag on his collar and call our home.

    After they tell her this story... the little brother... walked up to my daughter and put her into tears when he said "thank you... because of your dog.. I still have my sister.... he saved her life ".

    She said Timber knew he had done well... as he walked around "strutting " his stuff. The people there were giving him a lot of attention as well.

    Timber... once home ate steak and hamburger for quite a while....
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    Great story. Thanks for sharing.
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    Dogs have an uncanny sense to know when something is up,too bad he didn't go for the guys throat instead of his calf,as far as cops eating and not being disturbed I would of paid for a full page ad in the newspaper outlining what happened and the response you got IMHO they should of fired everyone from dispatcher on up
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    When I was dating my wife, my dog protected my step daughter from a nephew (Scumbag). I go hunting out in West Texas every year. She was watching my dogs while I was out. My step daughter was in the shower and nephew waltzed in the house like he owned it. Probably going to steal something to pawn. Gus let him walk in about 10' and cornered his butt. Anytime he moved one way or the other Gus went after him. My daughter finally finished her shower and heard the idiot's screaming. hen she came out of the bathroom, he was almost in tears. He was scared you know what. All Gus had to do was snarl and he would crap after that. Gus decided he was scum also,lol. He never liked him.

    I do not know if you meant animals. Gus also protected me when I was walking. We would walk 3 miles a day. Someone dropped a Pitt bull and 2 Labs in our subdivision. While we were walking, they attacked us. It was funny, Gus ignored the Labs and kept taking on the Pit bull. It was like he knew where the danger was coming from. The Pit bull attacked us 3 times. It would not would run about 10' away and turn around and attack. Gus grabbed him him in the lower jaw or throat each time. I had to kick the crap out of the Pit bull. Gus ended up breaking off his fang in the Pit bulls face. The Pit was hurting pretty bad when it finally took off. He saved from dogs a couple times, but that one was the scariest.
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    I have a friend who just loved Dobbies. She lived in an apartment complex in a not so great area. One night, while she was watching TV with her dog at her side, the front door opened. The dog instantly went ballistic and lunged toward the door. All that was heard later was footsteps running down the stairs. As she looked outside the window, she saw a shadow running through the bushes.

    That night, that dog got sooooooooo many treats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    After they tell her this story... the little brother... walked up to my daughter and put her into tears when he said "thank you... because of your dog.. I still have my sister.... he saved her life "..
    <turn off tears> Great story...Siberians = great pullers and runners, just perpetually kids. Had two.

    Our GSD was "horsing around" at my ankles several months ago. I stopped, and killed a copperhead at my side, about 6" from my bare ankle. Now a snake skin awaiting final dispensation.

    Here's the skin..

    The "Dobie" "saves" me <cowers in apprehension> from thunder and lightening....does that count?

    One of our mutts saved us from a "Skunk Encounter of the Third Kind" too...but that's another story...

    We now have two dogs- a Dobie and a GSD, Nobody comes in uninvited. Is that a good enough story, huh huh?

    I love dog stories, and dogs!

    Ok......Here's a serious story. My wife ran a small retail store. A small specialty store. Our Dobie was the "Store" Dobie, and "grew up" in the store, loving the customers, and being loved by the customers. She greeted all with her big floppy ears, and that little stump of a tail. She adored kids, large and small. Her "escape" was a hidden enclosure under the back counter where she could nap, or hide from the adoring kids and "fans". Kids would crawl into the "hidie hole" and nap with her. Very low key dog. Mothers that were "new" would sometimes inquire "what kind of dog is that?" and totally freak out when told ....Oh...her.......She's a Doberman Pinscher.....LOL....So....Enough "Back Story"

    So Liebschen (the Dobie) is hard asleep in her "Hidie Hole". Sleeping only as a dog can sleep.

    Customer walks in store. Liebschen comes screaming out of the "hidie hole", 95 pounds, feet planted firmly and ready to rip off the face of Chewbacca, and lets out this earth grumbling growl. Very low pitch...."If you can hear this, you will die" type growl.

    Customer stops. Backs out through door. Gone.

    Liebschen watches him leave, and watches him through the side store windows as he departed. Then, job done, she goes back to her nap.

    Everyone in the store, customers and employees, were speechless during that brief encounter.

    One customer finally broke the silence......"Well! I didn't like that guy either!" LOL

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    great stories !
    My protector and a sweet friend.... miss PennyPearl (boxer/pitt mix)

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    These are great stories guys. I love reading stuff like this. Thanks for sharing them.

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    I had one dog who loved everyone as well..... every one. She went with me to class in college, etc. as well. One day a guy walked in and instantly.... jumps up and lets this guy know he was not welcome. We had him leave a minute, 30 people petting her, he walks back in.... instant alert, growl, etc. She wanted to eat this guy. She didn't like this guy at all, and after that... I wasn't going to trust him either. He's the only person in her entire life that she ever did that with or growled at.

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    My chocolate lab saved me from a greasy cheeseburger one day,had I eaten that cheeseburger it might of clogged my arteries but nope she sensed the danger and when I turned my back she attacked it
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    My chocolate lab saved me from a greasy cheeseburger one day,had I eaten that cheeseburger it might of clogged my arteries but nope she sensed the danger and when I turned my back she attacked it

    My GSD seems to 'save' me that way too.
    She's also earned her place several times by alerting me and my wife to happenings in the yard, like uninvited coons, possums, or intoxicated peeping toms. She WILL NOT allow my wife or child to answer the door if she does not like what's wanting. She will put herself between the door andstay there! She's only displayed that behavior a couple of times and always when I'm deployed, out to sea, or wherever.

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    Dogs..... when they have protected someone
    And then there's the deterrent effect, in which actual defensive action isn't required because the crime was avoided simply because a capable 4wd friend was there. Much like when a firearm need not even be fired, criminals may choose to go elsewhere when faced with a tougher time. Who knows how many times the rough, low growl of a large dog has provided sufficient incentive for a home invader or robber to go elsewhere in search of softer targets.

    One recent report I can recall is when those two folks attacked along a trail in Alaska while walking with their dogs. They escaped, barely.
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    Hard not to tear up at some of the accounts here. Something pure and vital about our dog friends that can't be replicated, can't be diminished by each individual thinking that they own 'the best dog ever' do, each one 'the best'!!

    In the halls of Valhalla, there must be special place for dogs alongside their warrior masters. It is a somber and revered place held on high, for that is what these, greatest of gods creatures, surely deserve.

    Our dogs are the best dogs ever. I'll spare you the dramatic accounts of Baron leaping to snag the seat of my nefew's pajamas as he headed over the rim of the swimming pool. I won't go into detail about how Angel kept two would-be attackers at bay, long enough for my wife to get to in the house and grab her S&W .357. There are a myriad tales from every dog owner, and each one holds a special place in Pooch Lore. How much richer our lives become for having beheld the loyalty and grandeur that eminates from a dog's very soul!

    Great thread, thanks for starting it!
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    We had a dobbie that was given to us almost newborn. He got sick with parvo and my wife fought to keep him alive for 3 months. We later found out that the mother and the whole litter died from parvo.
    SinLoi was very smart and absolutely devoted to my wife. She would have to tell him things once and he would never forget (unlike her husband). Whenever we had an argument and he was present, he would sit next to my wife and just wait till the arghument was over. He was not agressive with me in any shape, but I guess he was telling me "Hey, I have to be on her side."
    SinLoi was bilingual. This came to be because he was raised with commands in english although we were living Way South of The Border. One time we went on a trip for a long weekend and when we came back my parents (who lived next door and were keeping an eye on the dog) complained loudly that the dog would not obey them because he could not speak spanish! So, we had to train him in the new language and he had no troubles at all.
    One very weird characteristic he had was that, if something was wrong or saw somebody prowling around the house, he would not bark but instead wait for the person in ambush if he could have access to him. If not, he would actually come tap on my window and emit the lowest of growls that somehow he knew it would wake me with full alarms and going for the gun. One of those times, the critter had actually jumped the front wall and was attempting to break in the front door with a screwdriver. SinLoi came to our bedroom window, tapped and growled and I was up in a flash heading for the front. As I turned the front porch light on, SinLoi let out a barrage of barking (He could not go to the front porch since it was fenced out) that sounded like five hounds from hell. The criiter was ther one second and the next he was not. He was so fast beating retreat that I never saw him leave. I inspected the damage to the door (nothing much considering it was a door made out 2 mm steel filled with sand) and gave SinLoi a bunch of well deserved treats (Bonz was his favorite).
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    When I was a kid someone broke into our house saw our Irish Wolfhound and immediately exited. I have never had a Wolfhound since but have always had big dogs.

    Not a picture of our dog but you get the idea.

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