Copters crash in mid-air near FMC, killing 7

Copters crash in mid-air near FMC, killing 7

This is a discussion on Copters crash in mid-air near FMC, killing 7 within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; UPDATE: Copters crash in mid-air near FMC, killing 7 By DAILY SUN STAFF and the ASSOCIATED PRESS Sunday, June 29, 2008 Two medical helicopters collided ...

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Thread: Copters crash in mid-air near FMC, killing 7

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    Thumbs down Copters crash in mid-air near FMC, killing 7

    UPDATE: Copters crash in mid-air near FMC, killing 7
    Sunday, June 29, 2008

    Two medical helicopters collided in mid-air in Flagstaff, killing at least seven people and critically injuring three others, according to a Federal Aviation Administration official.

    FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said the collision occurred at about 3:45 p.m. today near Flagstaff Medical Center. He said the three people on board one of the choppers, including a patient and the pilot, were killed.

    He says four others were killed and three others were critically injured, but was not sure if they all were on the second helicopter or if some were on the ground.

    One eyewitness to the crash said one of the helicopters approached the hospital for a landing from the east. The other helicopter was flying "low and fast" and coming in from the south when the two collided.

    Witnesses in the area also reported hearing a loud explosion and said the impact shook houses in the area.

    Capt. Mark Johnson, a spokesman for the Flagstaff Fire Department, said the helicopters crashed in a wooded area about a half-mile from Flagstaff Medical Center. He didn’t know what the helicopters were doing at the time of the accident.

    The helicopters spread debris across the scene. “They’re not recognizable as helicopters,” he said.

    Johnson said two emergency workers with a ground ambulance company suffered minor burns in an explosion on one of the aircraft after the crash. The injuries were not life-threatening, he said.

    According to the FAA, both helicopters were Bell 407 models: one of them operated by Air Methods out of Englewood, Colo., and the other operated by Classic Helicopters of Woods Cross, Utah. Neither company returned calls from The Associated Press Sunday.

    National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Keith Holloway said a team will leave for Flagstaff from Washington, D.C., on Monday to take over the crash investigation.

    Holloway said NTSB teams typically issue a preliminary report that includes only the general facts surrounding the crash. A full report that describes the cause of the crash usually comes within 12 to 18 months.

    The mid-air collision sparked a 10-acre fire on McMillan Mesa, which fire fighters were able to put out.

    This happened about 1/2 mile form my house, I heard the collision and went outside to look around, all I saw was a ball of smoke and what looked to be the start of a fire up on the mesa. What a bummer, these men and women are true heroes, with the need for lifeflight being what it is here in rural Northern Arizona.

    Rest in peace good and faithful servents, Godspeed your souls home to the father. Flagflyfish.
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    what a shame, my mom is an ER nurse training to be a flight nurse. gonna remember that one for a while

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    Just saw it on the news...very sad, indeed.
    Thoughts and prayers to all involved.
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    Thats sad, I wonder if the winds had anything too do with it. Today in Tucson it was freakin windy and still is. They will be in our prays.

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    This is not good. My Brother (Pilot) fly's Life Flight. His helicopter went down awhile back, but he was off that night. The engine failed and the pilot had a hard landing. They took the Pilot and the two flight nurse's to the hospital. Next day they got out. They were lucky.

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    This one sounds like 2 aircraft tried to occupy same airspace at same time,I'm thinking due to location they were probably concentrating on LZ and because of location to each other did not see each others navigation lights.Really sad deal Life flight chopper saved my life in 2002
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    I get to play with the helo's from time to time, amazing machines and even more amazing pilots and medical staff. The use has been on the rise around here, and the odds of occupying the same airspace at the same time increases dramatically around the LZ's, especially at the hospitals. There is even some talk about making the large University Hospital here have controlled approaches.
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    Damn, no kidding about the need for it, Rex. Man that's just awful. We JUST had that collision of two helo's down in Phoenix last year, too. God rest 'em.

    Lost a family friend of ours on 10 JAN 05. She was a flight paramedic when they went down in the Potomac.
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