Jury Scams

Jury Scams

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Thread: Jury Scams

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    Jury Scams

    Its not about guns...Its about Freedom!

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    They tried to scam me with a letter saying I was suppose to report for jury duty,I threw it in the mail,and forgot about til about a month later when I got a free ride in a police car to go see the judge sumpin about contempt and civic duty and I used the I thought it was a scam defense,I had to show up for jury selection the following month.BTW i've never been on a jury theres something about during questioning when they hear the phrase, well when we find him guilty I would have no problem sentencing him to death,and they remind me it's only a shoplifting case and we don't kill people for shoplifting and I say why not,well they kinda excuse me and for some reason I don't get picked for jurys lol
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    Duka too funny. I will have to remember that one.

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    "What did the guilty so & so do."
    Works well also.

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