On the topic of survival...

On the topic of survival...

This is a discussion on On the topic of survival... within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I've been here a while. I have my own perceptions whether they be close, on the money, or way off base........but I'd like to ask ...

View Poll Results: I live in an air-conditioned environment--------------

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  • 24 hours a day

    3 13.04%
  • At work, at home, driving, I never get outside

    6 26.09%
  • The last time my skin was exposed to the sun was......19**

    1 4.35%
  • If it weren't for air-conditioning, I'd die

    13 56.52%
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Thread: On the topic of survival...

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    On the topic of survival...

    I've been here a while. I have my own perceptions whether they be close, on the money, or way off base........but I'd like to ask some questions of all those who have replied to any of the WITSHTF threads with any sense of manhood. Poll to follow.

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    In a place you've only dreamed of where your soul is always free...
    I live in an air-conditioned environment--------------
    More than I'd like to.
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    West Central Missouri
    While I do enjoy the comforts of air conditioning living in Missouri with exceptionally high humidity during the summer, I do work outside and can live without it.

    I also enjoy the A/C at the station when not out on calls.
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    No choice for little to no air conditioning/getting outside

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    Uh, didn't see a poll choice for part time A/C . Work has it so no choice for me. Unless its really muggy & hot I would rather open the windows at home.
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    I just wanna know where you're going with all this.
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    I live in FL, of course I'm exposed to A/C most of the time. My wife prefers A/C. I, however, prefer the heat...when alone in the car, I open the windows and turn off the A/C. At home, when I can talk my wife into it, the windows are opened and the A/C turned off.
    Could I live without A/C? You betcha'

    Nothing on the poll allows part-time A/C.
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    I did not respond to this poll because all of your possible choices are geared to people who never go outside. I spend a lot of time outside as long as I am not at work.
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    Oregon, the rainy part.
    I have occasional a/c, as the folks in the office seem averse. Can't use it in the car or home, as it sets off the wifes asthma. So, very seldom do I have A/C
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    I prefer to sleep with icicles hanging down from the ceiling.
    I like it really cold.
    Concerning no AC in a survival type situation I could survive without it.

    I love a good grilled steak but, I could eat a fruit bat and wash it down river water if I had to.
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    None of the above. I'm outside frequently. As much as the bum leg/hip allows, I walk when I can, have the windows flung open at home or when driving, and typically opt for outdoor-type activities if there's a choice.
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    Not much AC in my life.
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    Necessary to live down here. When your summer starts in March 1st (I mean mercury hits above 85 and humidity passes the 70%) and ends sometime in Mid November, you better have AC.
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    Only A/C is in my car and that is usually on vent.
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    I work in a power plant. it is 130 + degrees in some parts. I keep my office at around 70. it is helpful to have somewhere to cool off after working in that kind of heat. what's your beef with a/c anyway? has a/c in some way adversely effected your life? oh,I also really like grilled steak, and, if shtf I would still probably be eating grilled steak,without a/c.
    do what you can with what you have where you are at (theodore roosevelt)

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