Looking for best value uniform shoe

Looking for best value uniform shoe

This is a discussion on Looking for best value uniform shoe within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; "You get what you pay for." I am trying to reconcile this truth with the fact that I am cheap. So anybody know any cheap ...

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Thread: Looking for best value uniform shoe

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    Looking for best value uniform shoe

    "You get what you pay for."

    I am trying to reconcile this truth with the fact that I am cheap.

    So anybody know any cheap or awesome/not cheap deals on a uniform black tennis shoe or "relaxed" oxford?

    Having some difficulty getting under $50 mark for 11 Extra Wide (EEEE).
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    Shoes for Crews seem to have good products, though they specialize more with the food service industry.

    Comfy shoes, hold up pretty well, and non slip in grease, and wet tile.
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    This 5.11 ATAC

    They retail for $89. which is not under $50. but if you buy something else and you're not happy with it then you've wasted money.

    These are great as are the higher side-zip ATAC boots.

    They are so light and truly comfortable.
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    I will swear by Original SWAT. They are lightweight and comfortable.
    They have the Oxfords for $67.95 w/ free shipping. I use the Classic 6" but it seems they are not making them anymore. You may find them in EBay or other net places for about the same price as above.

    As for Shoes for Crews (or any type of shoes) there are people that love them and some that absolutely hate them. In my case they were issued for free at work the first time and then you had a %50 discount every time you wanted a new pair. I went through 5 different models and all gave me severe back & leg pain. I have buddies & coworkers that cannot imagine using anything else. During that time I was recommended the Original SWAT and never looked back.
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    Bates 5" Ultra lites II. Got'em at Academy for 54.99. Best service shoe I've ever worn. My Shox weigh more than these, have real leather on the toe that shine up nice, and grip anything you stand on with minimal slippage
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    I like these; Product: Men's TMC Plain Toe Chukka- Rocky Outdoor Gear

    Ignore the MSRP, they can often be found for half that.
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    See if there is a Oakley Vault store in your area. I found a NICE set...actually 4 nice sets of Oakley boots.
    2 sets of the Si assault boots (black)
    2 sets of the Tactical Six boots.(tan)

    Oakey's web site lists them at 175.00 a pair..the Oakley vault store (outlet) had them for 75.00 each. They are more comfortable on my feet than my 5.11s. they are lightweight, the black ones look like tennis shoes.
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