Speed cameras in Maryland

Speed cameras in Maryland

This is a discussion on Speed cameras in Maryland within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Speed cameras in Montgomery County, Maryland are being ignored by Montgomery County police who speed right on by the camera. The police are following the ...

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Thread: Speed cameras in Maryland

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    Speed cameras in Maryland

    Speed cameras in Montgomery County, Maryland are being ignored by Montgomery County police who speed right on by the camera. The police are following the advice of the police union which is telling them not to pay the fines because the citation is issued to the motor vehicle’s OWNER, who is responsible for paying the fine. And the owner is Montgomery County. In a blatant show of defiance, the speed cameras have been capturing photos of the cops holding up their middle finger to the camera. There have been 224 recorded incidents where speed cameras have recorded county police driving more than 10 MPH over the limit during May through December 2007. The department was able to justify 76 of the incidents because the officers were engaged in hot pursuit or other reasons for speeding. But 148 violations are unaccounted for, which stands to show how the Montgomery County cops regard the law. These are the same police who have been described as the most formidable in the US.

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    Were they using these cameras?

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    I don't blame them a bit. I am one that thinks that "speed cameras" should be removed. They are manned by people that have no background in law enforcement and are meant to do one thing, fill the treasury. In Arizona, those caught in State owned cameras are not reported to their insurance company if the voluntarily pay the ticket. What does that tell you?

    In the past couple of days, here in Phoenix, have also had all tickets that were certified as legit by a company notary (as required by law) were thrown out because the notary wasn't following the procedures. These people have no business enforcing the law and many LEOs know it...

    And before you tell me about all of the training that these people get, I'll tell you my son is one of the guys that monitors the cameras while he is watching movies and talking to his girlfriend on the phone....
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    Bumper, in addition to your comments, not just revenue for the local government, but usually the deal includes a recurring revenue stream for the company making the units. Just bad for America all the way around.

    Here in VA we settled a big suit because the company installing the red light cameras required that the timing from green to red be shortened up by over half the previous time. What do you suppose that did for them? Yep, they got paid. For my part I lock up my brakes as soon as the light starts to change.

    I don't like seeing road signs riddled with bullet holes, but speed and red light cameras, hmmm...I feel a new thread coming on...what caliber for speed and red light cameras...

    I think it is hilarious that the LEOs know where the cameras are and are letting them know what they think of them. This is what happens when politicians run things.
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