When I had mine I was able to lay there and watch the entire show on the color monitor above the bed. I have seen more of the inside of my colon than I ever wanted to. When I made the appointment the Dr. promised me that he would put me completely out, when I went in to have it done he said that he did not like to put the patent out and just gave a mild sedative, of course he waited until I was naked to tell me that. Other than watching it on the TV the one thing that I remember most is that the Dr. fills your colon with air to expand it and give the best picture. Here I am laying there while he double checks all the pictures he took trying to maintain my last shred of dignity in front of the pretty young female nurse that has already seen my worst side, when out comes all of that air! It was the longest and loudest “exhaust” I have ever personally expelled. I was sure glad I was still a little druggie so that I had an excuse not to be too mortified. Next time I will go to a different Dr. and insist on being all the way out.