I had to laugh when I read that "...local police officers who thought the distraught woman was lunging at them with a knife or pick ax." (It was a crochet needle.)

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SALINAS, Calif. — A disoriented woman holed up in a minivan and repeatedly stabbing herself in the neck was shot to death by local police officers who thought the distraught woman was lunging at them with a knife or pick ax.

But the 45-year-old Maria Irma De La Torre had only a metal crochet hook in her hand, the Salinas Californian reported Monday.

Officers responding to a "woman acting strangely call" at 3:45 a.m. Sunday saw the woman "stabbing herself in the neck with a small implement."

As officers tried to get her out of the minivan, she allegedly lunged at them with what was thought to be a knife or a pick ax and the officers fired. Cmdr. Kelly McMillin says the officers thought their lives were in danger. She was shot twice in the torso, and died later at a local hospital.

"It's a wrongful death," Diana Hernandez, De La Torre's niece, told the Californian. She added that De La Torre suffered from epileptic seizures but had no history of violence or hurting herself during seizures. She was taking medication to control the seizures, Hernandez said.

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Really? A pick axe? Do they really think the officers shot an old epileptic woman wielding a 10 lb pick? I'm guessing English is not this reporter's native language, but did an editor for the paper (or Fox or the AP) read this?

At least the subsequent article on correctly identified what the officers thought was "a knife or a ice pick." Well, correct if you don't count grammar. Arrgh.

Please notice that the topic of this thread is the article, not the shooting. If you want to second guess these officers, start your own thread.